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Pink Floyd 1971-09-18 The Pavillion Montreux, Switzerland


Pink Floyd
The Pavillion, Montreux
September 18, 1971

careful With That Axe Eugene
Set The Controls
Atom Heart Mother (with brass and choir)
A Saucerful of Secrets

These are the raw files as received. MOB will be creating a definitive version for Harvested in the near future. Please do not "remaster" and reseed!

Lineage: 2 x Sennheiser MD-421 > Uher 4200 reel recorded at 19 ips > Audio CD > EAC > FLAC

The taper, Victor, used the following setup to record both shows: 2 x Sennheiser MD-421 > Uher 4200 reel recorded at 19 ips. Concerning his rig at the time, he had the following to say about it...

"I had my UHER "custom unbuilt" in multiple parts, so I could sneek it in more discretely. Then I built a whole "neck-holder" (like the ones Bob Dylan'd use to hold the harp), a heavy construction sewed in a tough-tissued jacked (often way to hot to bear at concerts...) and the two mics were placed niftily beside each ear hidden by the dutiful long hear..."

He said he has never released these shows directly from the master tapes, but did say, specifically concerning the 11/21/70 show, that “the ‘compilations’ I spoke about, we made them on cassettes only, so if it's the compilations circulating, it very much looks like that probably somebody copied them from these cassettes = 2nd or even 3rd generation.” He did mention that he used to have a number of parties and that, quite likely, what we have in our collections comes from someone copying this “compilation” tape, which would mean that most lineage we have could possibly be bogus.

Him and a buddy of his would usually record the same show and then combine their smaller, 13cm reels into a large reel by splicing their masters together. He describes their method as follows...

"Since we had both a Revox at home that can take the big reels as opposed to the UHER which can only take 13 cm spools and one big reel can hold up to 3 (or 4) small spools, we always recorded on the UHER Side 1 of spool A, and then Side 1 of Spool B and then Side 1 of Spool C and then Side 1 of spool D and then continued the recordings (either he or me) continuously on Side 2 of Spool D and then Side 2 of Spool C and then Side 2 of Spool B and then Side 2 of Spool A. When all spools were full, we scotched them together on one big reel... We never wasted expensive tape to copy onto. Especially since we're really buddies (from childhood), if either one of us wanted to listen to the tape, he'd have it, no problem. So why bother copy (except excerpts on cassette)?"

The transfers required Victor to do some repairs to his reel deck and bake the tapes, which he said took him about three days.

Thanks to Victor for the recording and transfer.
Thanks to Travis for setting this all up.
And thanks to the Y! and AFG forum communities for pitching in.

RonToon (December 2009)

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