Friday, May 26, 2017

Ratt 1986-04-11 Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

TITLE: 1986-04-11- Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan


AUD -> low gen Cass. -> Philips CDR775 CD Recorder -> CDR -> EAC: WAV -> TLH: FLAC 8 -> Hungercity

01. Intro
02. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
03. Give It All
04. Wanted Man
05. In Your Direction
06. Back For More
07. Never Use Love
08. Closer To My Heart
09. Walkin' The Dog
10. Between The Eyes
11. What You Give Is What You Get
12. You Should Know By Now (Tape Flip)
13. You Should Know By Now (Cont.)
14. Guitar Solo
15. The Morning After
16. Drum Solo
17. The Morning After (reprise)
19. Guitar Solo
19. You Think you're Tough
20. Sweet Cheater
21. Round & Round
22. Lay It Down
23. You're In Love

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