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#SAB 032-033 Late Night Shows Part 2

Late Night Shows Part 2

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 032-033
Disc Length : 74:00 / 68:22
Source : Audience Recordings
Sound Quality : EX-
Year Of Release : 1999


Disc 1

Jam Of The Year Tour Aftershow - The Church, Denver : 6th October 1997 (am)

1. Instrumental   2. Play Time   3. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)   4. 777-9311 (including Ain't No Fun To Me)   5. Colorado Jam - Days Of Wild - Jean Pierre   6. Tell Me Something Good   7. I'll Take You There   8. I Got The Feeling (including Cloreen Bacon Skin)   9. The Way You Do The Things You Do   10. Shout   11. Instrumental Jam   12. (Eye Like) Funky Music   13. Denver Rock The Party   14. Johnny

Disc 2

Jam Of The Year Tour Aftershow - The Roxy, Houston : 11th August 1997 (am)

1. Play Time   2. Sweet Thing   3. Lovin' You   4. P-Funk Medley   5. Jam Of The Year - Doug E Fresh   6. Johnny   7. Do It On Film   8. Instrumental   9. Hotel Blues   10. Kiss

Unidentified Aftershow - Chaka Khan : 1997

11. Unknown Track   12. Little Wing


The opening Denver Jam Of The Year aftershow is one of the best played on the tour, and certainly one of the best contained within this Late Night Shows series of releases. Doug E Fresh is absent from the show - which is reason enough to celebrate. P is joined by Chaka Khan on a few numbers and she adds to the performance as opposed to Doug E Fresh who is capable of single-handedly ruining a concert. The first half of the show leans slightly towards the bass with a number of excellent jams including a criminally short '777-9311' which includes 'Ain't No Fun To Me' before a brief portion of '777-9311' again closes the number. 'I Got The Feeling' includes a number of lyrics from 'Cloreen Bacon Skin' - which is itself a rather rare occurrence. The highlight of the show is a frantic version of '(I Like) Funky Music' with P leading the crowd through the chant before 'Johnny' closes the short set. It's also worth noting the inclusion of 'Shout' - how many times do you get a chance to hear P covering a LuLu song?! The quality of the recording is rather hollow and the band sound distant in parts. There is a healthy mix of audience, but it certainly doesn't detract from what is an excellent recording. The only time they are a little too loud is during the interval whilst P is offstage, and someone is shouting the same phrase repeatedly at an annoyingly loud level - however it is the interval and to be expected. Disc 2 contains the Jam Of The Year aftershow from Houston, and whilst P is more of a band player and allows others to take the mic fairly frequently, it is a very enjoyable show. Marva King takes over lead vocals for 4 of the tracks performed including a very sweet version of 'Sweet Thing' which has the crowd taking over vocals for the majority of the track. The P-Funk Medley includes various snippets and chants from tracks including 'Flashlight', 'Turn This Mutha Out' and 'Everybody's Got A Little Light Under The Sun'.. The mid-section of the show features Doug E Fresh, and it would be kinder for me to say nothing and move on. The closing encore performance is a slightly extended version of 'Kiss' with an added instrumental outro featuring various crowd chants from our good friend Doug E. The quality of the aftershow is similar to the Denver recording from Disc 1, and whilst it is rather gritty, it is of excellent quality. The final two tracks on Disc 2 are from an unidentified aftershow (no information contained in the packaging to state where they originate from) and feature Chaka Khan on lead vocals on both tracks. P calls out "Act like you know y'all" during the brief interval between the songs, but doesn't appear to be on stage for the actual performance. The quality of the recording is slightly less impressive than main shows featured here, and in fairness to Chaka Khan the content isn't exactly breathtaking either.


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