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#SAB 045-046/066 Stripped Down

Stripped Down

2 CD & 1 CD-Rom
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 045-046/066
Disc Length : 77:50 / video / 76:17
Source : Soundboard Recordings
Sound Quality : EX / EX+
Year Of Release : 1999


Disc 1

Nude Tour - Estadio Santa Maria del Mar, La Coruna : 29th July 1990 (Audio)

1. The Future   2. 1999   3. Housequake   4. Sexy Dancer   5. Kiss - I'm In The Mood   6. Purple Rain   7. Take Me With U   8. Alphabet St.   9. It Takes Two   10. The Question Of U (instrumental)   11. The Question Of U - Electric Man   12. Controversy   13. Do Me, Baby   14. Ain't No Way   15. Nothing Compares 2 U   16. Batdance   17. Partyman   18. Rock The House   19. Baby I'm A Star   20. Respect - Baby I'm A Star

Disc 2

Nude Tour - Estadio Santa Maria del Mar, La Coruna : 29th July 1990 (Video CD-Rom)

CD-ROM (As Above Show)

Disc 3

Nude Tour - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo : 31st August 1990 (Audio)

1. DAT Intro - The Future   2. 1999   3. Housequake   4. Sexy Dancer   5. Kiss   6. I'm In The Mood   7. Purple Rain   8. Take Me With U   9. Bambi   10. Alphabet St.   11. It Takes Two   12. The Question Of U - Electric Man   13. When Doves Cry   14. Do Me, Baby   15. Ain't No Way   16. Little Red Corvette   17. Batdance   18. Partyman   19. What Have You Done For Me Lately?   20. Baby I'm A Star   21. Respect - Baby I'm A Star


Two excellent quality soundboards from the Nude tour and two slightly differing shows. The opening La Coruna show is exceptionally clear and crisp and undoubtedly the better of the two. Unfortunately the opening DAT intro is missing which is strange as it was part of the original broadcast this is taken from, and the show goes straight into 'The Future'. The La Coruna show is a very basic Nude tour concert with very little in the way of improvisation - surprising as it is one of the better performances from the tour. The crowd interludes have been edited out by Sabotage and the overall show has been shortened by around 10 minutes because of this. Quality-wise it's above any criticism from me, however there appears to be a minute flaw during 'Batdance' - although it is extremely minor and not worthy of mention. The Tokyo recording on Disc 2 thankfully does include the opening DAT intro and the show has some set-list changes which make it slightly more appealing. The crowd level is substantially higher during this show and is actually a little overpowering in places - surprisingly so for a soundboard - and overall it lacks the sharpness of the La Coruna recording. This has evidently been sourced from the broadcast on Japanese TV and Sabotage have tried to edit it together as smoothly as possible, but it's fair to say the end product is a little hit or miss as the crowd level fluctuates from silent to a roar within the space of seconds. A terrible crime in the world of bootlegging is to edit out parts of the show, and Sabotage are guilty of doing exactly that on the Tokyo recording. The piano intro to 'The Question Of U' (which included Venus De Milo - Under The Cherry Moon) has been chopped out for reasons unknown, and thus makes the show incomplete. It's a shame as the concert includes a phenomenal version of 'Bambi' along with unusual performances of both 'Little Red Corvette' and 'When Doves Cry'. Just a pity Sabotage felt the need to rip out part of the show without explanation in the accompanying booklet. The release includes a 3rd disc containing a professional filmed video broadcast on Spanish TV of the La Coruna concert. The fact this release contains two soundboards from the Nude tour makes this one of the best documents from the tour. The quality of the La Coruna show is superb, but the butchering of the Tokyo recording is (to me) very disappointing.


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