Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Simple Minds 2017-05-08 Patinoire de Meriadeck Bordeaux, France



                             MASTER RECORDING

Taper & Upload : TREKK

MY BOOTLEG LIST IS AT THIS URL : http://db.etree.org/trekk


Artwork : No (But if you'll make one, please send a copy in comments)

Matériel : TASCAM DR-07 (SD Card) + Internal Micros

Lineage : SD Card > PC (Wav) > Audacity > Normalisation > DB Poweramp (Compression Level 8) > Flac


- You liked this concert ? Support the artists and buy their cd's !!!!

- And please, shut up when you're at a concert, or go to the bar ! There are people who're here only for music, not to listen to you ! Thanks

- Please don't sell it and do not convert in lossy format (mp3....)


SETLIST : (110 mn)

01- Intro
02- New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
03- See The Lights
04- Glittering Prize
05- Mandela Day
06- Chelsea Girl
07- Big Sleep
08- Stand By Love
09- Someone Somewhere In Summertime 
10- Waterfront  
11- Andy Warhol (David Bowie cover) 
12- Let The Day Begin  (The Call cover) 
13- The American
14- Don't You (Forget About Me)
15- Sanctify Yourself
16- (Encore)
07- Speed Your Love to Me
18- Promised You A Miracle (with KT Tunstall)
19- For What It's Worth (with KT Tunstall) (Buffalo Springfield cover) 
20- Alive And Kicking
21- Outro


b3cb2f1c0b0e91437c9bc6316fb0d1fd *01.flac
65f48c7a0fe7a1beae94ad0c29a5bae7 *02.flac
a98dfc8be0ec6a2301a15d955603b93e *03.flac
b7fdaf862f8d0c9f6d2ddbf26f7a5ba7 *04.flac
45fe561d44192b6c3899e13bea83f86d *05.flac
71308420a314d71934f4cfa609739c3f *06.flac
279737588fef6456b7d279ccefd9154f *07.flac
23c1e8f57bf91a20ffa4c1293c3e4bd2 *08.flac
fdce7ce5555121f2dc2c8515f12f4d99 *09.flac
72cd5a61b40c5c0fe199b5c295312c01 *10.flac
73b9f21f836bcf25a266f19cdfb59732 *11.flac
35b9d9d432f58af075cae33ff81dd0e7 *12.flac
1fdcb36c57efdb6680a2baea08aa5d07 *13.flac
bdbcdf61aa712c231d4ce340ec669b20 *14.flac
a7ba138ae478eedbdd26c8a6980e9640 *15.flac
a1d8ff63d58447674c4843c8cdc3a926 *16.flac
a2a0a7645257561ec0086e1e3a3cf995 *17.flac
783ddb2925953ee4c22b76e4e93b9a5c *18.flac
abc8827089841c689ce589e6392cc427 *19.flac
833e367b0476d019154b408ce4bb11af *20.flac
41c329200be302a44b9ab924bbd9076e *21.flac


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