Saturday, May 27, 2017

Telluride House Band 2014-06-22 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Town Park, Telluride, CO

Telluride House Band
Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Town Park, Telluride, CO
Schoeps mk2S(20 inch split bar)>kc5>cmc6>Oade Warm Mod Tascam HDP2 @24/48-FOB
cool edit pro>cdwave editor>flac16

Taped, transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs*

01 - Florida Blues
02 - Benn All Around this World
03 - Groundhog
04 - Eager and Anxious
05 - Funk # 55
06 - Sawing on a String(1)
07 - Poison Love(1)
08 - Shadow of Today(1)
09 - Good Bye and So Long to You(1)
10 - The Hang Mans Reel
11 - I'm A Man(2)>
12 - Sailin' Shoes(2)
13 - Overgrown Waltz
14 - Crazy Game of Love
15 - Barnyard Disturbance
16 - Paul & Silas
17 - ?
18 - Rocky Road Blues(3)
19 - Cry, Cry Darling (1&3)
20 - I'm on My Way Back to the Old Home(3)
21 - Pride (In the Name of Love)(3)
22 - John Henry

(1) w/Alsion Krauss
(2) Just Sam and Jerry
(3) w/Del McCoury

*Special thanks to David, Jerry, Steve, Peter, and the rest of the taper tarp crew!
I had knee surgery in April, and this recording happened because of all these folks!!
Hence the minimal gear on my part, bless you all!!

Thanks for the Setlist Dman, I think it needs a couple of corrections if anybody knows......

Tracked Seamlessly, needs 2 cd's if burning to disc. 

6f1bb60f801535a4ffa7adb6b84dbb36 *House Band2014-06-22t01.flac
c72a98f7f465dad06407722da87f4e9a *House Band2014-06-22t02.flac
0477be9885de76d856d1ea9513ce619d *House Band2014-06-22t03.flac
8bb493226e3249691199412e4a09c3c9 *House Band2014-06-22t04.flac
0557f96a728e6b698b748383a3e32f9c *House Band2014-06-22t05.flac
31a381f5dbb08f08bf25fc5b845dd063 *House Band2014-06-22t06.flac
9bdbe30bb357ddf622668c63bacae94e *House Band2014-06-22t07.flac
3dac7ff6f17d50338d5576e75ae059b2 *House Band2014-06-22t08.flac
2d775d9e1af737dcffd37ad52138f6f4 *House Band2014-06-22t09.flac
d81f540fd5a4b3d354c163a0e082cd96 *House Band2014-06-22t10.flac
e4665d6d10ea5b113cf68700bff0abb3 *House Band2014-06-22t11.flac
aa381924c5cda2576cce3b003722d0bc *House Band2014-06-22t12.flac
bc759709d752c59868944a8de70f827f *House Band2014-06-22t13.flac
c8d273ab57bdd6b66ef20467b9672909 *House Band2014-06-22t14.flac
5f370953c808314580883ec1633707fc *House Band2014-06-22t15.flac
f5a1cb97ea51dd85be779edebed3bc7a *House Band2014-06-22t16.flac
908695bfa895df484c05c4bd88161174 *House Band2014-06-22t17.flac
bd5a8ddebce325ef5f9bd05d674961ae *House Band2014-06-22t18.flac
4ae537d9a40ae405a216fa9774db29fe *House Band2014-06-22t19.flac
c08c035e1fa332806e790c74a7a7b272 *House Band2014-06-22t20.flac
d3d0169a45345e11240a7f2ac19ce7e9 *House Band2014-06-22t21.flac
fc72cbb6a07b48f60391ce850bd1324f *House Band2014-06-22t22.flac


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