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The Rolling Stones The Lost Marquee Tapes

The Rolling Stones
03/14/1971 & 03/26/1971
Label Vinyl Gang [VGP-030] (2 CD)

contrast clause, alternate sources:
London Marquee Jazz Club 26 march 1971:
Disc 1 contains the recordings from London March 26, 1971. Exc. mono soundboard quality, unmixed source, no additional audience overdubs. Incl. the 2nd versions of I Got The Blues and Bitch. Plus the dress rehearsals of Brown Sugar and Bitch. Maybe the best quality of 'Marquee Tapes'.
Chalk Farm, Roundhouse, London, 03-14-1971 (2nd show):
Disc 2 is taken from bootleg LP, entire show, VGP Label (2 CD).
The sound of VGP is different and more nervous than Eric and Watchit uploads (thanks).

CD 1: Marquee Jazz Club, London, United Kingdom 03-26-1971

01 Live With Me
02 Dead Flowers
03 I Got The Blues
04 I Got The Blues
05 I Got The Blues
06 Let It Rock
07 Midnight Rambler
08 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
09 Bitch
10 Bitch
11 Brown Sugar
12 Bitch
13 Bitch
14 Brown Sugar

CD 2: Chalk Farm, Roundhouse, London, United Kingdom 03-14-1971 (2nd show )

01 Jumping Jack Flash
02 Live With Me
03 Dead Flowers
04 Stray Cat Blues
05 Love In Vain
06 Prodigal Son
07 Midnight Rambler
08 Bitch
09 Band Introduction
10 Honky Tonk Women
11 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Original infos:

Comments by Stonesdata

According to BN # 16, pag 22:
-released May 1996
-Japanese bootleg 2 CD
-Same as the previously released single CD "Lost Marquee Tapes". CD1 added with the previously unavailable dress rehearsals of "Brown Sugar" and "Bitch".
-Taken from a high generation video
-Disc two contains the entire bootleg classic "London Roundhouse", taken from vinyl
-matrix RS 539????

Posted on iorr by: UrbanSteel
Date: November 14, 2008.
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Great thank to the uploader.

Had to add Md5 & ffp. Complete Artwork + 2 pictures of Marquee are included.


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