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Townes van Zandt 1994-11-10 Knust Hamburg, Germany

Townes van Zandt
Hamburg, Germany
10th November 1994

Audience recording: OKM II-> DAT
Lineage: 1st or 2nd generation cassette-> Wave-> CDR

Disc one- first set
01. Blaze's Blues
02. Dollar Bill Blues
03. Two Girls
04. Buckskin Stallion Blues
05. Katie Belle Blue
06. Lungs
07. Flying Shoes
08. Pancho And Lefty
09. Loretta
10. Short-Haired Woman Blues
11. Kathleen
12. Waiting Around To Die
13. Nothin'
14. To Live Is To Fly
15. High, Low And In Between

Disc two- second set
01. If I Needed You
02. Snowin'On Raton
03. Gone Too Long
04. The Highway Kind
05. You Are Not Needed Now
06. A Song For
07. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
08. Joke-> No Place To Fall
09. Tecumseh Valley
10. Dead Flowers
11. Snake Mountain Blues
12. The Catfish Song
13. For The Sake Of The Song
14. Rake
15. Rex'Blues
16. Joke "Three shots of gin"
17. The Hole
18. Lovers'Lullaby
19. White Freightliner Blues

I think Townes was friends with the people who ran this club called
"Knust" in Hamburg, he played there several times, there still is a
club by that name but it is another location the original Knust
was closed in the late nineties.

The stage was very small, and the dressing room was at the opposite
side of the room, so the musicians had to go through the audience
to get to the stage.
I remember the club was packed that night, someone was holding Townes'
guitar above his head to get Townes and his guitar through the
crowded place  to the stage.


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