Monday, May 15, 2017

U2 2017-05-12- Vancouver- BC

2017-05-12- Vancouver- BC Place- Edgerulz- ZoomH2 GA

Taper: joekickass

Recorded on the floor, about 10 people from the outer stage ramp on edge's side, just to left of center stage. Should have been Mid mic Gain, but looking at my recorder now, could have been Low mic gain, Rec level was 73. My previous recordings are too high and distorted, this one is much nicer to listen to. I listened with headphones and I think it sound great. First show, so I was really there to enjoy it so there is some talking in between songs, but the none during. Do with it what you will, I'm just sharing. Enjoy.


01 Sunday Bloody Sunday.flac
02 New Years Day.flac
03 A Sort of Homecoming.flac
04 MLK.flac
05 Pride.flac
06 Where the Streets Have No Name.flac
07 I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For.flac
08 With or Without You.flac
09 Bullet the Blue Sky.flac
10 Running to Stand Still.flac
11 Red Hill Mining Town.flac
12 In Gods Country.flac
13 Trip Through Your Wires.flac
14 One Tree Hill.flac
15 Exit.flac
16 Mothers of the Disappeared.flac
17 Encore Break.flac
18 Beautiful Day.flac
19 Elevation.flac
20 Ultraviolet (Light My Way).flac
21 Bono Talking.flac
22 One.flac
23 Miss Sarajevo.flac
24 The Little Things That Give You Away.flac


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