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Yes 1972-09-10 Kings Hall Belle Vue Zoo Manchester, England

Kings Hall
Belle Vue Zoo
Manchester, England
September 10, 1972


This is an authentic, previously uncirculated recording of Yes. Thanks to Chris Gregory for providing the
high-quality transfer of his tape.

Chris did not use the automatic level control in his tape recorder during the making of this recording. As a result,
the dynamics of the recording represent the actual loud and quiet passages of the performance. There is a fair amount
of tape hiss in the quiet passages, including many of Jon's remarks between songs and during Steve's and Rick's solos.

I employed Sony Vegas Pro and Sound Forge Pro to master the tape, with a minimal amount of noise reduction to enhance the quiet passages without marring the music hiding under the hiss. A bit of pitch correction was required, and some EQ brought out the highs and lows.

We owe Chris a big "thank you" for sharing this historic document.

TheTooleMan (still waiting patiently for a tape of Yes 1972-09-30 Atlanta to surface)
February 2011

Notes from the taper:

I provided the raw 24 bit WAV files direct from the tape to ‘TheTooleMan’.

The Lineage of this recording is as follows:

The source was a BASF C120 LH Cassette Tape recorded on a Bush TP-60 cassette tape recorder in mono with its purpose built hand held microphone, without AGC, and at a fixed manual recording level.

The tape was played back with azimuth correction on a Sony Stereo WM-DD33 Walkman and then digitised on a ZOOM H2 recorder @ 48 KHz to 24bit WAVs. No Dolby NR or EQ was used during this transfer.

There was one tape flip after ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ and before ‘Close to the Edge’.  I wasn’t able to record all of the extended ‘Yours is No Disgrace’ encore as the tape ran out. As I recall I don’t think I missed much, maybe a couple of minutes or so.

On the original tape it is difficult to hear what Jon is saying but from what I have heard of ‘TheToolemans’ remaster I can definitely make out more of what Jon is saying in between tracks. I also noted that Jon’s accent back then sounds to be more typical of Manchester, Northern England (in that he grew up in Accrington, near Manchester). But over the years he lost that accent, gradually, as he spent more time in the States.

This was recorded in the Kings Hall at Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester, England. (See ‘Kings Hall’ here I was about 17 or 18 at the time and I remember going along in my Afghan coat with two girlfriends, called Jill and Sarah. If you listen carefully you can probably hear them, especially during the opening (excerpt from the Firebird Suite - Stravinsky).

We were sat near the back of the hall to the right and as I recall there was only one level of seats.

Chris Gregory 19-Feb-2011, England.

 Track List

1.  Opening (excerpt from the Firebird Suite - Stravinsky)
2.  Siberian Khatru
3.  I've Seen All Good People.
4.  Mood for a Day
5.  The Clap
6.  And You and I
7.  Heart of the Sunrise
8.  Jon's introductory remarks for CTTE (start of disk 2 for CD burning)
9.  Close to the Edge
10. Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII - Rick Wakeman
11. Roundabout
12. Yours is No Disgrace (fades before end).


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