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Yes 1991-07-15 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Artist: Yes
Date: 1991-07-15
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Source: Audience
Lineage: Sony TCS-470>Master Cassettes Maxell MX-S90>Pioneer-CT500 to PC via stereo Y-cable>Audacity 1.2.6 (44100/16)>WAV(16/44 w/Audacity 1.2.6>Tracking(cd wave)>Flac (level 8, Align on Sector Boundaries using (Fix))

Taped and Transferred by: Dr. Giggles1

01. Firebird Suite (2:34)
02. Your's Is No Disgrace (14:37)
03. Rhythm Of Love (5:38)
04. Shock To The System (5:42)
05. Heart Of The Sunrise (11:38)
06. Clap (6:07) (Cut after song completes for tape flip, not noticeable)
07. Make It Easy (0:57) (Cut before song starts from tape flip after Clap, not noticeable)
08. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6:44)
09. And You And I (10:47)
10. Alan White - Bill Bruford Drum Duet (6:32) (Small cut at 1:51, due to hitting pause button by accident, couple seconds lost at most, barely noticeable)
11. Changes (6:25)
12. I've Seen All Good People (8:41)
13. Solly's Beard (6:38)
14. Saving My Heart - Whitefish - Amazing Grace (13:57)
15. Lift Me Up (8:51)
16. Rick Wakeman Solo (11:44)
17. Awaken - Crowd (10:09) (Tape flip cut at 05:06, not noticeable)
18. Roundabout - Crowd (7:57)

Total Time - 145 minutes 38 seconds.

Lineup    : (Courtesy of   
Jon Anderson     (Vocals)
Bill Bruford     (Drums)
Steve Howe     (Guitars)
Tony Kaye     (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin     (Guitars)
Chris Squire     (Bass)
Rick Wakeman     (Keyboards)
Alan White     (Drums)

This is my 15th transfer in the series. Not previously circulated as with all my masters. I will rate this show and the recording as VG+ to Ex-. There is a tape flip cut after "Clap" completes and before "Make It Easy" starts losing no music at all. There is a small cut in the "Drum Duet" at 1:51 due to accidentally hitting the pause button Only a couple seconds lost. and a seamless non noticeable tape flip cut at 5:06 of "Awaken". This was recorded from Section 225 Row C Seat 12. Enjoy this excellent presentation of the "Union Tour" In The Round with an 8 piece band. Too bad Close To The Edge was dropped from this set.
Enclosed in the Torrent is EncodeProcessLog, SBEsAudioFileCheck, shntool_len file, shntool_info file, FFP File and Verify.
Do as you wish for your own personal use but please do not alter any of the files here if you trade or torrent this elsewhere later on. No artwork or snazzy titles please this is a fan transfer not a bootleg.

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 29, 2009, at 05:09:29

01 Firebird Suite.flac:d6b7c02502f8bf240a97899cbb92f7d0
02 Yours Is No Disgrace.flac:0be0f79e57fa5ea20da9dab661ac2aa3
03 Rhythm Of Love.flac:28f3571526b481b74efeb9626ef90bcd
04 Shock To The System.flac:edd70225bebb9fe76fa1b7e9b6f5756d
05 Heart Of The Sunrise.flac:3804704b0a22ef105b6bb95b98aec965
06 Clap.flac:25615342f438d74e97bb3a34e8f1f7fa
07 Make It Easy.flac:c6272a47ccead946d1becf918f78a505
08 Owner Of A Lonely Heart.flac:8e11fa71561f7422b0c8c9dd7a5f2bbf
09 And You And I.flac:df8fc7c3a8b65d4af097d3096071f13c
10 Alan White - Bill Bruford Drum Duet.flac:82c50ae3e5285c40ba80d33d36486660
11 Changes.flac:ebcf1e2333b512d994d3a979e652ecc6
12 I've Seen All Good People.flac:0d0991bd8f647e3f3d240887dfd391e3
13 Solly's Beard.flac:be4cdff96a6e0fd03844f9ecec60f1e7
14 Saving My Heart - Whitefish - Amazing Grace.flac:1815ac202a21190e9dde5cffdcbe5c61
15 Lift Me Up.flac:cd0c06395906dc89039ae188a0aa1be0
16 Rick Wakeman Solo.flac:c9875045f673ee75f8816bc21ee9fe6b
17 Awaken - Crowd.flac:c763f685c39b55a26b05a1b1380e9e06
18 Roundabout - Crowd.flac:0f7ebbe43ec1b9d4b438dfab6c348358

Dr. Giggles1


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