Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yes 2014-05-02 SECC, Clyde Auditorium (The Armadillo) Glasgow, Scotland

YES @ The SECC, Clyde Auditorium (The Armadillo)  Glasgow ,SCOTLAND Fri 2nd May at 7:00pm

Front stalls row J TO LEFT HAND SIDE OF STAGE (INFRONT OF STEVE HOWE)  great stage view and sound a quietish Glasgow audience who gave the respect to the music until each section was complete.This seemed to confuse steve howe .you will here him trying to enthuse people.
FANTASTIC SET and the band looked relaxed and happy to be playing. inc the new singer the sets are slice only into complete sections played not into individual pieces.

no eq  no other tampering im very happy with this recording.

edirolR09 roland cs-10em mics

sd card-audicity-tlh-flac

Three Album Tour


Close to the edge

 Firebird Suite
 Close To The Edge
 And You And I
 Siberian Khatru

 Chris and Steve introduce

Going for the one

 Going For The One
 Turn Of The Century
 Wonderous Stories


The yes album

 Your Is No Disgrace
 Starship Trooper
 I've Seen All Good People
 A Venture
 Perpetual Change

band intros

Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes & Jon Davison

 Encore- Roundabout


A digitalhobbit recording 2014


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