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Al Stewart 1985-02-02 Hungry Bear Albuquerque New Mexico

Al Stewart
Hungry Bear
Albuquerque New Mexico
Feburary 02 1985

Recording: AIWA Stereo Cardioid > AIWA HS-J1 Stereo cassette
Location: Back of the room, almost dead center
Transcribed by le duc du Montfort
Master cassettes > Standalone CDRW > EAC > CDWav > DBPowerAMP

No Mastering done to recording.


01. One Stage Before
02. Rumours Of War
03. Time Passages
04. Fields Of France
05. On The Border
06. The Running Man
07. Nostradamus
08. Al Talk
09. Ghostly Horses Of The Plains
10. Mondo Groovo(?)
11. Al Talk
12. If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It
13. Al Talk
14. The Dark And The Rolling Sea
15. Al Talk
16. Valentino Way
17. Al Talk
18. Your Gardening Tools Are Obstructing The Sexual Activities Of Your Neighbour's Daughter On The Far Eastern Part Of The Lawn (Instrumental Rag)
19. Year Of The Cat
20. Applause/Audience
21. Al Talk
22. Over The Rainbow
23. Al Talk
24. License To Steal


Al Stewart-Vocals, Guitar
Peter White-Guitar, Piano, Accordion
Steve Riker(?)-Lead Guitar
Steve Chapman-Drums

This is the only time I got to see Al (so far). It was a wonderful performance, full of great music, great musicians, and Al's
usual witty banter. During this time, Al would make up a new title each night for the instrumental rag that led into Year Of
The Cat. I think that night's title was rather whimsical, to say the least. Venue was just a local bar, not the best acoustics.
However, the recording is quite listenable, perhaps a B-/B. It has seen only limited circulation up till now, and feedback has
been positive.

Just a suggestion regarding disc split when burning - I chose to start Disc 2 after Nostradamus, as there is already a tape flip
at that point.

I have relied on information provided by others for details above. If any information can be confirmed, added, or corrected, I
welcome it.

No artwork. Anyone wishing to create some is also welcome. 

Please feel free to share but do not reduce to lossy formats such as MP3 unless for personal use only.


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