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Alice Cooper 2011-11-08 Le Zenith, Paris, France

ALice Cooper
Le Zenith, Paris, France
November 8, 2011

ZOOM Q3HD->Protools for mix -> cubase for fade in-fade out -> CD wave editor for track split->
TLH lev 8 for flac conversion->you

Artwork: no

Taped by Shivan
Mixed by NicoYouYou




01-The black widow
02-Brutal planet
03-I'm eighteen
04-Under my wheels
05-Billion dollar babies
06-No more Mr. nice guy
07-Hey stoopid
08-Is it my body
09-Halo of flies + drum and bass solo
10-I'll bit your face off
11-Muscle of love


12-Guitar solo
13-Only women bleed
14-Cold ethyl
15-Feed my frankenstein
16-Clones (we're all)
18-Wicked young man
19-I love the dead
20-School's out

Total playing time:
CD1: 00:55:50
CD2: 00:47:38

Do not convert in lossy format
Do not sale
Feel free to trade
Please keep original information if you trade
Support the bands, buy official releases.

Warning: sound of first and beginning of second song is creepy because of bad taping (hich level) at the beginning of the show (until 6'44'' of the show). My apologizes. Then sound is good.


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