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Allman Brothers Band 1970-04-04 Ludlow's Garage, Cincinnati, OH

Allman Brothers Band
Ludlow's Garage, Cincinnati, OH

Transfer info:AKAI GX 636>Apogee Mini Me @ 24/96>Apogee Mini DAC(monitoring/mastering)>Wavelab 5.0>FLAC
              Tape stock:BASF reels @7.5 ips.  Direct dub off Danny Britts masters by Dave Boswell.

setlist CD 1
01) /Dreams
02) Statesboro Blues
03) Trouble No More
04) Tuning
05) Dimples
06) Every Hungry Woman
07) Tuning
08) Gonna Move Out of Town

        CD 2
01) Hoochie Choochie Man
02) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
03) Mountain Jam
04) Drums
05) Drums > Mountain Jam

Duane Allman-Guitars
Gregg Allman-Keyboards,Vocals
Dicky Betts-Guitars,Vocals
Berry Oakley-Bass
Butch Trucks-Drums


Matt Smith of Portland,Ore has done some archival research on the Ludlow Garage ABB concert and has tracked down Dave Boswell who had a MSR>R from the sound man. He has done a beautiful transfer.

Band played Cincinnati 4/4 and 4/5/70 according to receipts ledger

Ludlow Garage 312 Ludlow Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45220-2074 (which is a Ace Hareware these days)

Big thanks to Pat Lee & Matt Smith for this jewel
cd to flac dbpoweramp, md5, ffp,renamed tracks & test file created 11/28/10 gba

0bdcaba536abaea1c751f72e4b754ddd *abb1970-04-04d1t01.flac
92ad2bae57919d5f650344f22f029f97 *abb1970-04-04d1t02.flac
1a8f7ee036d5cd7ba299b3c03bb45f33 *abb1970-04-04d1t03.flac
0bd680e8febb3338db30a13273eafaa0 *abb1970-04-04d1t04.flac
f3fdbe5989eb678af5be2b331092ac75 *abb1970-04-04d1t05.flac
a69dd23ae00771f5516b005637fea383 *abb1970-04-04d1t06.flac
67dbf46166a23ada513c1e9d62f8c5dd *abb1970-04-04d1t07.flac
fb89c18e2ab26983bd553080c701eb0d *abb1970-04-04d1t08.flac
75973ee6428a18e4b12f8a3b98b7be40 *abb1970-04-04d2t01.flac
d78845c8b5380dd43dde05b42f91bd20 *abb1970-04-04d2t02.flac
272dca5713605eb04c3814fd6109528e *abb1970-04-04d2t03.flac
5bb5ac511f061e89a48748ca9622227a *abb1970-04-04d2t04.flac
dd8244b2f264717b3e34edcdb4919d3e *abb1970-04-04d2t05.flac


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