Saturday, June 3, 2017

Allman Brothers Band 1970-05-09 Georgia Tech Coliseum Atlanta, GA

Allman Brothers Band
Georgia Tech Coliseum

cdr>eac>wav>mkw>shn.  no md5 in etree database to verify shns.

Disc One

1.Statsboro Blues
2.Trouble No More
3.Dreams // 
4.Hoochie Coochie Man
5.I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
6.Every Hungry Woman
7.Oh Pretty Woman
8.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

Disc Two

1.Stormy Monday
3.Whipping Post
4.Mountain Jam>Hot Lanta'

*Great sounding early show for the Brothers, few tape cuts,
hiss and scratches, but overall sounds good considering
the age of the show. The saxophone and harmonica make an
interesting addition to  Liz Reed and Stormy Monday....
Nontheless a fantastic performance. 
Can't quite make out the names of the sax player and
harmonica player, any info on this please contact

    edit orig txt

4:59 AM 11/27/2006
no db etree md5.

levels flux early. dropout on dreams at about the
7:00 min mark. silence to about 9:09. 

shn file set was obtained from two unique users.
one from the bootleg archive and
one from the bluegrass hub.

both original md5 checksum files are included in the data folder.
the md5 checksum file generated by bop9 for this circulation
located in the shn folder.

    end edit orig txt.


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