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Allman Brothers Band 1973-06-09 RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.

Allman Brothers Band
6/9/73, RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.

sbd>mr>production cassette>dat>cdr>shn>wav>
sek'd red roaster for editing***(no eq, no compresion,
no noise reduction or processing)>cdwav>mkw

all shn files verified with shntool
re-seeded to etree november 2001


Disc 1  (55:23)
1-Wasted Words          5:39
2-Done Somebody Wrong   4:38
3-One Way Out           6:48
4-Stormy Monday          9:20
5-//Midnight Rider  (just the first few notes)  3:24
6-Ramblin' Man            8:05
7-In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 17:26

Disc 2  (47:04)
1-Tuning                   3:32
2-Statesboro Blues           5:13
3-Trouble No More          4:39
4-Jessica                   11:44
5-You Don't Love Me         10:50
6-Southbound               11:02

Disc 3  (71:06)
1-//Les Brers In A Minor (just the first few notes)  26:36
2-Whipping Post              22:56
3-Mountain Jam               21:32

Static in Mtn Jam @ 1:20-1:26, 1:30-1:36

***from dale shepherd***
the original shnfiles that i down loaded were a mess. tons of problems. this is a summary of the editing that was was needed to correct these problems. i feel that the show is as good as it can be at this point. enjoy the show!

disc 1
d1t01/03/07 were not cut on sector boundaries. these files were named as "edit". i fixed this with shntool. the pops that remained were edited out. the pop between t01 & t02 left a very minute bump that is very very small. most folks will never hear it. i moved the track marker away from this spot as well. t02/03 i crossfaded around a pop where those two tracks met.

in addition, track one had been turned down in volume at one point. this produced a noteiceable gain in hiss when switching from t01 to t02. i matched the levels here. t01's volume is slightly louder than t02 but the tape hiss matches and i believe that this is the way it was recorded.

d1t3 into t04 there was another big pop. it took some cossfade work on an extremely small section of the wave files to eliminate the pop. so little was removed that i found it inaudible. in addition. levels had to be matched here as t04 had to be reduced to match t03.

d1t03- one way out had this repeating section. the song ended and then it jumped back to the drum solo from earlier in the song. i removed this repeated section.

volume on t05 reduced. the beginning is also cut.

d1t06 volume reduced

d1t07 "liz reed" had another repeating section that was about 2 minutes long. i removed this section. volume reduce by .7. 

volume change summary
1 + 2.7db
2 no change
3 no change
4 - 1.3db
5 -1.3db
6 -1.3db
7 -.7db

disc 2
i added the "tuning" track to d2

d2t04- named "edit" was not cut on sector boundaries. i fixed this with shntool. i removed the pop at the end of this track by crossfading a very small portion of d2t04 & d2t05. no music was affected

d2t05-another repeating section towards the end of this track. i removed this repeating section.

i removed a track marker for "jam" which was d2t06. it's actually just the end of "you don't love me".

i removed about 15seconds of dead air at the end of disc 2

disc 3
i removed some dead air at the beginning of disc 3.
big pop at the beginning of d3t02 was removed with a small crossfade. no music was affected. d3t02 also needed to have the level brought down by .7

removed a pop in d3t03 ~ 1:07 mark
removed a pop in d3t03 ~ 1:15 mark

after all of this editing work, i bounced the tracks to a new wav file. re-tracked the entire show using cdwav and reshn'd the show. 



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