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George Harrison 1974-11-26 Assembly Center Baton Rouge, Louisiana

George Harrison
Louisiana State University Assembly Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
November 26, 1974

Disc 1 (46:36)
01 Hari's on Tour / While My Guitar Gently Weeps
02 Something
03 Will It Go Round in Circles?
04 Sue Me Sue You Blues
05 For You Blue
06 Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
07 Soundstage of Mind
08 In My Life

Disc 2 (36:41)
01 Tom Cat
02 Maya Love
03 Dark Horse
04 Nothing from Nothing
05 Outta Space
06 What Is Life
07 My Sweet Lord

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from "Baton Rouge 1974" Taken from the Master Tape Source

According to the liner notes, "this concert was recorded from the first row in the balcony in front of one of the massive
speakers using a state of the line Sony recording deck and two very expensive high quality stereo microphones."

Disc 1\01 Track01.flac:9af8fe80006b93cfb1811790a04d0fff
Disc 1\02 Track02.flac:1c404954fe337fcfaec9e89a462d0898
Disc 1\03 Track03.flac:b8c0e20255d2243b16cdc5a0a4e2dc44
Disc 1\04 Track04.flac:321ee3992ba2571ac51fe5cac6167aa3
Disc 1\05 Track05.flac:a0c407dd725136cf90d64372babc50d9
Disc 1\06 Track06.flac:80a303f42739ed2d0098f51a3289fdf2
Disc 1\07 Track07.flac:7098a64152ccf4ba2b1bd857bf780ed4
Disc 1\08 Track08.flac:689b9c3cda4a598a92ca20d3a5e04e98
Disc 2\01 Track01.flac:a031a1f1e721ad50873be5ca041804b8
Disc 2\02 Track02.flac:bee23d908b2b288eb10a3bdd9297be82
Disc 2\03 Track03.flac:a4e506fb50c23cdc4a44aecaa0b0dafc
Disc 2\04 Track04.flac:a27ea5eff4a95472dd1f357e31d665e0
Disc 2\05 Track05.flac:fd0fee62b987714e3662f3d3cc62796a
Disc 2\06 Track06.flac:fa378ab2893f353d32830691c741fe5f
Disc 2\07 Track07.flac:2ed57a6a7fcc63fed9604693cf01c7a5

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