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George Harrison 1974-12-20 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

George Harrison

20 December 1974 Afternoon show

Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

Source - "1974-12-20 New York,NY,USA (Afternoon)" (Publisher - Green Grape)

The last date of George Harrison's ill-favoured 1974 North American tour saw two shows played at Madison Square Garden on 20 December 1974.  This one is the afternoon show, in full except for the first one and a half songs, for which the evening performances have been substituted.  The recording is a bit distorted, and lacks treble, but the sound is clear enough. 

Disc 1 (63:14)
1.    Hari's on Tour (Express) (Harrison) (5:19)  from the evening show
2.    Something (Harrison) (4:20) 1st half from the evening show
3.    In my Life (Lennon/McCartney) (6:15)
4.    Will it go round in Circles (Preston) (4:31)
5.    Sue me, sue you Blues (Harrison) (5:26)
6.    Zoom zoom zoom (Shanker) (9:18)
7.    Naderdani (Shankar) (4:52)
8.    Cheparte (Shankar) (12:17)
9.    For you Blue (Harrison) (6:48)
10.    Give me Love (Give me Peace on Earth) (Harrison) (4:03)

Disc 2 (52:38)
1.    Maya Love (Harrison) (6:18)
2.    Tom Cat (Scott) (4:33)
3.    Dark Horse (Harrison) (4:24)
4.    While my Guitar gently weeps (Harrison) (11:08)
5.    Nothing from nothing (Preston/Fisher) (3:53)
6.    Outta Space (Preston) (4:43)
7.    What is Life (Harrison) (5:18)
8.    My sweet Lord (Harrison) (12:18)

A couple of roughly interpreted show identifiers (free free to correct them, everyone!):

After "In my Life" (6:02) - female fan "He didn't sing 'I love God more', did he?... 'Cos Lennon got into him about that." [Can anyone shed light on this comment?]

CD1 Tr04 - "I'd like to do this song, for all the bread here in New York, called 'Sue me, Sue you blues'".

Lineage: Audience recording > unknown fiddling about over the years > CD > CDR > trades > CDR > EAC > wav > flac

George Harrison (Guitar)
Robben Ford (Guitar)
Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar)
Andy Newmark (Drums)
Billy Preston (Keyboards)
Emil Richards (Percussion)
Tom Scott (Horns)
Chuck Findley (Trumpet)
Jim Horn (Saxophone)
Jim Keltner (Drums) - joined the tour on the 27th

Indian musicians:
Ravi Shankar (Sitar)
Hariprasad Chaurasia (Flute)
Rijram Desad (Percussion & Strings)
T.V.Gopalkrishnam (Mridangam & Vocal)
Gopal Krishn (Vichitra Veena)
Sultan Khan (Sarangi)
Kartick Kumar (Sitar)
Kamalesh Maitra (Percussion)
Satyadev Pawar (North India Violin)
Alla Rakha (Tabla)
Harihar Rao (Percussion)
Lakshmi Shankar (Vocal)
Viji Shankar (Vocal)
Shivkumar Sharma (Santoor)
L.Subramaniam (Violin)

Bootlegzone review:
"Track 1 and half of track 2 are missing, and so have been substituted by the same songs from the evening concert.  Pretty good for an audience recording. Has a couple of funny moments - the young female bootleg taper getting into a violent dispute with some of her fellow concertgoers, with threats and invitations to "fuck off", during "What is Life". Immediately followed by her chanting "Om Christ" and "Hare Krishna" along with the band during the "My sweet Lord" finale. The bootleggers seem to have inadvertently caught quite a few fights during this tour - maybe the whole love/religion concept got people edgy!" Aidanymous, Aug 2006

Artwork included.


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