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Gov't Mule 2017-06-12 FZW, Dortmund, Germany

FZW, Dortmund, Germany
June - 12 - 2017

It's a Spacebandit, so you're in there!

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Zoom H2n (@ WAV 16/44) -> Memorycard -> HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost/balance only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by yours Spacey @ 1st Set 5th row dead center, 2nd Set right side facing the stage, moving from 4th row to 2nd row. AS we arrived a bit late, no chance for the usual
"Rampensau" place (1st row dead center) I prefer for taping. Anyway, sounds fine if you ignore the loud claps (which I tried to smoothe a bit) and just a few chatters here and there.
Very nice crowd, moswt of whom were there for the music, not for talking. Venue was packed, but not sold out. Balcony wasn't open, maybe some 700-900 people in the audience.
Sorry, no pics, no setlist scan.

If the tears roll down the cheeks of an experienced musiclover and taper as well, it might've been something real special. And so it was yesterday evening in Westphalia's real capitol city.
As I've last seen this fantastic musicians at the Burg Herzberg Festival in 2013 and lost a little ground on them afterwards, I was amazed getting a for this show only an hour drive from
my home just a few days ago. Quickly changing working schedules, it was to be happening for me again. And it proved to be the rare occurance of a magical night. One in maybe 100 shows,
one in maybe 300 I've attended in the last years. Just one's up to the beautiful night on Holy Mountain.
So, my review is probably a bit different to most of the audience's view. I liked the first set better than the second. Hell yeah, only complaining on highest standards...
The first set was graced by a lot of "classic" MULE songs with one of my real faves "Inside/Outside Woman Blues" and their gorgeous version of Billy Cobham's "Stratus" (What the hell...!).
Sencond set was done a bit more on the recently released songs, a few covers until...yeah..."Thorazine shuffle" came along with all its grace. Super!
And as it was time for the encore yours deeply affected Spacey had only one choice to yell out two words..."Whipping post"...And to my inner system's total meltdown, they straight wet into
one of those "evergreen alltime favourites" I know since 40+ years. That's about the tears...of joy. Awesome is not the real word. Maybe in german? "SuperMegaGeil!".
All what I've listened, watched and experienced is another example for the beauty of music. Because it's the BEST, even more if you're in there! ENJOY! SB.

FULL SHOW (128:55 min.)


01. Welcome (0:45)
02. Jam -> World boss -> (6:32)
03. Blind man in the dark (7:06)
04. Inside outside woman blues #3 (9:20)
05. Rockin' horse -> (8:50)
06. Stratus (11:01) *
07. Temporary saint (5:40)
08. Captured (7:56)
09. Dark was the night, cold was the ground (8:43) **


10. Pressure under fire (5:24) ***
11. Stone cold rage (7:04)
12. Mr. Big (6:34) ****
13. Need your love so bad (6:30) *****
14. Revolution come, revolution go (9:09)
15. Scenes from a troubled mind (7:50)
16. Steppin' lightly (6:57)
17. Broke down on the brazos -> (6:40)
18. Thorazine shuffle (14:34)


19. Whipping post (12:10) ******

* Billy Cobham song
** Blind Willie Johnson song
*** premiere performance
**** Free song
***** Little Willie John song
****** Allman Brothers classic

Support this awesome band, go to their shows, buy all the stuff your dear mule can carry!
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy net use! Flac rules!
If you spread keep lineage/taper info intact. It's us tapers who give you this recording for free!
If you sell (this recording) ... go fucking straight to hell!

GOV'T MULE as usual...

WARREN HAYNES - guitar, vocals
DANNY LOUIS - keyboards, guitar
MATT ABTS - drums, percussion


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