Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Grateful Dead 1971-04-17 Dillon Gym, Princeton University Princeton, NJ

MOTB Release: 0136  16/44.1
Release Date: 2010-04-13
Band: Grateful Dead
Date: 1971-04-17 (Saturday)
Venue: Dillon Gym, Princeton University
Location: Princeton, NJ
Analog Audience Source: FOB Master Reel (MAR)
Medium Stock Brands: MAR = 2 x BASF 7.5ips
Analog Lineage: Unknown mic(mono) >> unknown deck >> MAR
Analog Sound Preservation: MAR >> Akai GX 636>Apogee Mini Me(24/96)>Apogee Mini DAC(monitoring/mastering)>Lynx One soundcard>wavelab 5.0>DVD/FLAC
Taped By: Will Boswell and Randy Smith
Transfer By: Will Boswell
Mastering By: Derek McCabe

Set 1
Disc One
d1t01: tuning
d1t02: Truckin'
d1t03: Big Railroad Blues
d1t04: Big Boss Man
d1t05: Bird Song
d1t06: Playing In The Band
d1t07: Hard To Handle
d1t08: Loser
d1t09: Mama Tried
d1t10: Casey Jones
d1t11: False Start
d1t12: Sugar Magnolia

Set 2
Disc Two
d2t01: Good Lovin' ->
d2t02: Drums ->
d2t03: Good Lovin'
d2t04: Me &  Bobby McGee
d2t05: Deal
d2t06: Beat It On Down The Line

Disc Three
d3t01: I'm A King Bee
d3t02: Sing Me Back Home
d3t03: Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
d3t04: Turn On Your Lovelight

Notes: Bertha missing from after King Bee, was not on the master.


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