Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Iron Maiden 2017-06-16 XCEL Energy Center St. Paul, MN

Iron Maiden
Live at The XCEL Energy Center
St. Paul, MN, USA
June 16, 2017

A Hurricane62 Production

Audio: Audio Technica SP-CMC-2 Cardioid Mics -> SP-SPSB-11 Battery Box with Bass Rolloff set at 96 Hz -> Sony PCM-M10 (44.1 MHz/16 bit) with Limiter ON and Low Pass Filter OFF -> WavePad (Eq, balance & track splitting) -> converted to .flac using Traders Little Helper (flac level 8, SBE's fixed)

Always a treat to see Iron Maiden.  Like most of the captures I've downloaded and listened to from this North American Book of Souls Tour, the audio is not very crisp.  The show was VERY loud, more like an outdoor stadium volume than an indoor arena.  The XCEL Energy Center has great acoustics for a large venue.  Even so, this show has a certain amount of fuzziness to it that I could not eliminate in the post-production processing.  Most of the shows that I record are small venues and thus I have my rig set up for such.  If anyone has any suggestions for changes to my settings for the arena shows, I'm open to advice.  If you think that you can rework the files and improve the audio, I'm all for that as well.

Setlist is the standard setlist that we've seen on this leg of the tour. 

Also note that throughout the show Bruce refers to the location as Minneapolis.  This was a show in St. Paul - the sister-city across the Mississippi river.  Didn't bother me any, but St. Pauleans can be touchy about that...  You'll hear plenty of "Scream for me, Minneapolis" in the show and only one late reference to Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Even the event tee-shirt for this show had "Minneapolis" as the location.  Maybe there's a reason why Iron Maiden hasn't played the Twin Cities since 2003.

Audio samples are in the comments.


Total Time:  1:52:29

01 Intro (2:01)
02 If Eternity Should Fail (7:47)
03 Speed Of Light (4:59)
04 Wrathchild (3:00)
05 Bruce - Children Of The Damned Intro (3:25)
06 Children Of The Damned (4:37)
07 Death Or Glory (5:26)
08 The Red And The Black (13:07)
09 The Trooper (4:12)
10 Powerslave (7:32)
11 The Great Unknown (8:44)
12 Bruce - The Book Of Souls Intro (1:57)
13 The Book Of Souls (10:27)
14 Fear Of The Dark (7:38)
15 Iron Maiden (5:25)
16 Encore Break (1:15)
17 The Number Of The Beast (5:59)
18 Bruce - Blood Brothers Intro (2:13)
19 Blood Brothers (7:11)
20 Wasted Years (5:33)

To all that download this recording,

Please do not convert this to lossy (mp3) format and then share in a public forum. If you want to convert to mp3 for your own use, have at it! Diluting the bootleg pool only hurts the collector that appreciates a lossless source. Let all those poor folks with full hard drives and slow internet service download the lossless version and convert it themselves. Feel free to share publicly in lossless format, but please keep the information file and artwork with the audio files and make sure that you give the taper the credit that he (me) is due. Never sell - share or trade (in lossless) freely.

Avoid sites like HOB and G101 to keep the filth off of your computer.




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