Monday, June 12, 2017

John Lennon The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 11 & 12 Walrus 022/023

JOHN LENNON - The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 11 & 12
Walrus 022/023

1. Just Gotta Give Me Some Rock 'N Roll/Shoeshine (Early Version of Meat City)
2. How Do You Sleep? (Alternate Imagine Take)
3. I Know (Tough Mix, Different Vocals)
4. Power To The People (Ragged take "Raggae Version")
5. Love (Guitar Demo, Heavy Tremolo Effect)
6. Out Of The Blue (Tough Mix, An Early Guide Vocal)
7. Bony Moronie (Rock & Roll album session)
8. Be My Baby (Rock & Roll album session)
9. Power To The People (Alternate take, almost finished)
10. Oh Yoko (Tittenhurst Park home studio outtake)
11. What You Got (Acoustic Demo)
12. Real Love (Take #4, Acoustic Demo)
13. Woman (1980 Double Fantasy sessions)
14. Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Piano Demo For Ringo)
15. Free As A Bird (Piano Demo)
16. Intuition (Composing Demo)
17. Intuition (Tough Mix)
18. Call My Name (Mid 1971 Incomplete Demo)
19. Call My Name (Complete Demo)
20. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
21. One Of The Boys (Demo)
22. L.O.V.E. (Remix)

1. Honey Don't ("Clock" Soundtrack)
2. Glad All Over ("Clock" Soundtrack)
3. Lend Me Your Comb ("Clock" Soundtrack)
4. Duane Eddy Jam (Acoustic Lick Version)
5. No. 9 Dream (Second, more polised demo)
6. 12 Bar Original (Instrumental Rubber Soul outtake, acetate version)
7. Well Well Well (Demo)
8. Well Well Well (Take #4, acetate version)
9. He Got The Blues (Acoustic Lennon Original)
10. Look At Me (During the White Album, acoustic demo)
11. My Mummy's Dead (Take 2)
12. Real Life (Piano demos, take 2)
13. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Acoustic Demo)
14. Cold Turkey (Acoustic Demo, Take 3)
15. I'm Stepping Out (Take One)
16. Watching The Wheels (Electric "Blues" style demo)
17. Run For Your Life (Tantalizing, abbreviated mix)
18. The Maharishi Song (Home recording June '68)
19. Julia (Home Demo Take #2)
20. When A Boy Meets A Girl (Acoustic Demo)
21. God (Early Demo)
22. Look At Me (Alternate Mix)
23. Oh! Yoko (Acoustic Demo)
24. How? (Piano Demo)
25. Imagine (Complete Solo Piano Take)
26. Jam (Imagine Sessions)
27. How Do You Sleep? (Early run-through, John sings an octave lower)
28. Oh My Love (Alternate Mixes)


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