Tuesday, June 20, 2017

John Lennon The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 15 & 16 Walrus 026/027

JOHN LENNON - The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Volume 15 & 16
Walrus 026/027

1. Steel And Glass (Eight-Track Version/Extended Fade-Out)
2. Beef Jerky (Eight Track Version)
3. You Saved My Soul (Nov. '80 Electric Guitar Demo)
4. Serve Yourself (Early '80 Piano Demo)
5. Memories (Take 1)
6. Real Life (Piano Demo #2, 1977)
7. Watching The Wheels (Piano Version mid 1980)
8. Don't Be Crazy (Piano Version Mid 1980, later became Starting Over)
9. Woman (Bermuda Demo - June 1980)
10. Starting Over (Acoustic Demo)
11. I Don't Want To Face It (Early Guitar Demo - recorded at the Dakota late '77)
12. Nobody Told Me (Double tracked demo, Summer '80)
13. Real Love (Piano Demo)
14. I'm Losing You (Early Studio Version)
15. Beautiful boy (Take 1 from the vocal booth, Hit Factory Aug. '80)
16. Nobody Told Me (Take 1 from the vocal booth)
17. Clean Up Time (Rough Mix of the Backing Track - Take 7)
18. Starting Over (Rough Mix)
19. If I Fell (John's 1963 composing tape)
20. I Sat Belonely
21. Foyle's Speech

1. National Health Cow (Speech held to honer him for his first book "In His Own Write")
   / Strawberry Fields Forever (Home Demo)
2. Get It Together (Peace message from John and Yoko in London '69)
3. Happy X-Mas (Different Mix - Overdubbed Harlem Choir)
4. Power To The People (Early Regae Version)
5. Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog ('72 One-To-One rehearsal sessions with Elephant's Memory)
6. I'm The Greatest (Rough Mix of Ringo's Version Found in the Lennon Archives)
7-9. I Know (Acoustic Demo)
10. Rock And Roll People (Piano Demo)
11. Meat City (Take 1 Electric Guitar Demo)
    / Meat City (Take 2 Electric Guitar Demo)
12. Meat City (Alternate Mix)
13. One Day At A Time (Alternate Mix)
14. Only People (Alternate Mix)
15. Tight A$ (Alternate Mix)
16. You Are Here (Alternate Mix)
17. Going Down On Love (Acoustic Demo, '74)
18. No. 9 Dream (Moniter Mix of an Early Version)
19. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Quadraphonic Eight-Track Mix)
20. Surprise Surprise (Quadraphonic Eight-Track Mix)
21. John On KHJ-AM Los Angeles
22. Do You Wanna Dance (Moniter Mix of Alternate Take)
23. You Can't Catch Me (Alternate Take Rock And Roll Sessions)
24. Free As A Bird (Take #3)


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