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Led Zeppelin 1975-02-07 Madison Square Garden New York City, NY

Led Zeppelin

Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York
February 7, 1975

CD 1:

01. Intro*/**** (1:31) (source **** until 0:38) (short instance of diginoise at 1:04)
02. Rock And Roll* (3:41)
03. Sick Again* (5:33)
04. Over The Hills And Far Away* (7:17)
05. In My Time Of Dying* (10:38)
06. The Song Remains The Same* (5:43)
07. The Rain Song* (8:27)
08. Kashmir* (small cut at beginning) (8:49)
09. No Quarter* (16:24)

Total Time: 68:09

CD 2:

01. Trampled Underfoot* (8:05)
02. Moby Dick*/**/**** (20:30) (tape flip (?) at 7:18) (source switch at 20:13 to ** or ****)
03. Dazed And Confused**/***/**** (24:45) (source switch at 2:55 to ***; back to ** or **** at 24:36)

Total Time: 53:22

CD 3:

01. Stairway To Heaven*/*** (13:51) (source switch at 5:49 to ***; back to * at 9:54)
02. Whole Lotta Love*** (1:06)
03. Black Dog*** (5:48)
04. Heartbreaker*** (3:46) (inner cut at 2:53)

Total Time: 24:32


Audience source mix, combination of:

Audience source 1:
Cass (1) transfer of Trampled Underfoot LP > CDR(n)***
Audience source 2:
1st gen Cass (Artie) > DAT(n) > CDR(n)*
low gen Cass (2nd gen?) (Artie) > CDR(n)**
Trampled Underfoot, Cobra Standard****

All sources > Cool Edit Pro > CDR(n)

CDRs > EAC > wav, re-tracked with CD Wave incorporating edits and additions, encoded to Flac 8 with TLH


I wasn't happy with the tracking on the Discs I received so I've retracked the whole thing, edited the first 38 secs in from the Cobra boot and removed 50 seconds of overlap between Discs 1 and 2 while doing this.

The source switch 38 secs into the Intro is a good indicator of the difference of sound between the main source used here and the main source of the Cobra boot which also uses a combination of sources. The vinyl source used here is much better sounding as well. However, it's not as simple as that, the Cobra boot is different, partly because they've edited parts of the show in from elsewhere at the wrong places but partly also because they've used different transfers and processed the sources they used. You be the judge which one is to be preferred.

I haven't been able to determine exactly where the Cobra source was used and where the unknown gen Artie source (which I'm not familiar with by the way) but the above track list and info is as much as I could figure out without spending the whole rest of the week deciphering the separate sources. Besides, I was in danger of getting a headache of Plant's typical '75 banter in between songs which is especially boring here, comparable to the later Earl's Court shows.

It's still got imperfections but I think it's a definite improvement over Cobra's Trampled Underfoot to present the most complete version of this show possible. The Artie bunch is at times ridiculously overbearing but overall it's a pretty good recording and the performance is definitely above average when compared to other early '75 USA Tour shows.

Credits: the tapers, the unknown person who compiled these sources and Chris whom I traded this with.

Enjoy the show.

Bert/pernod Jan. 1, 2009


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