Thursday, June 29, 2017

Led Zeppelin 1975-05-25 Earl's Court London, England

Led Zeppelin
London, England
Venue: Earl's Court

Fan Title: Keep Taking The Pills

Lineage : "When We Were Kings" (EVSD) FLAC Files from DVD Vine > Adobe Audition 3.0 (Edits Made) > TLH (SBE Test & Correction + Checksums Created) > FLAC-8

101 - The Calm Before the Storm
102 - Rock And Roll
103 - Sick Again
104 - Over the Hills And Far Away
105 - In My Time Of Dying
106 - The Song Remains The Same
107 - The Rain Song
108 - Kashmir
201 - No Quarter Intro
202 - No Quarter (Audience Source Spliced to complete ending)
203 - Tangerine (Audience Source)
204 - Going To California - Removed Per Dime Policy (Officially Released)
205 - That's The Way - Removed Per Dime Policy (Officially Released)
206 - Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp - Removed Per Dime Policy (Officially Released)
207 - Trampled Underfoot - Removed Per Dime Policy (Officially Released)
301 - Moby Dick
302 - Dazed & Confused
303 - Stairway To Heaven - Removed Per Dime Policy (Officially Released)
304 - Encore Break
401 - Whole Lotta Love - Intro
402 - Whole Lotta Love - The Crunge
403 - Black Dog
404 - Heartbreaker
405 - Communication Breakdown

Liriodendron's Notes:
Thirty Five Years ago Led Zeppelin took the stage for nearly 4 hours playing a remarkable show, one of, even some may say the best shows of the 1975 tour. The best or not, it is truly an epic show, the last Dazed and Confused and it was the last show before a series of changes for the band on both personal and professional levels that

continue to follow them until the end.

Anyone listening to the Official DVD release in 2003 of the Earl’s Court portion compared to the circulating bootlegs of Earl’s Court clearly hears the difference in clarity and power. Obviously only so much can be done with a bootleg source, but I tried really hard to get the most out of the bootleg. I attempted to bring all the instruments to the forefront, give them balance, while bringing as much of the power out as I could, so that you could feel as well as hear the music...... play it loud. Light and Shade, Power and Tenderness, that is what defines Led Zeppelin. Thanks to 3hrsoflunacy, Drowe, and others for lending their advice through this process, listening to samples for over a year now and giving respected criticism. I hope others enjoy this as much as I have.


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