Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Led Zeppelin 1977-07-23 Day On The Green #6, Oakland, CA

Led Zeppelin-Day On The Green #6, Oakland, CA. 7-23-77 (Extremely rare)
2nd Gen cassette>CD>wav Lossless>flac level 8
Part/Disc 1.
Sound Quality: B+
1. Nobody's Fault
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Since I've Been Loving You
4. Ten Years Gone
5. Battle Of Evermore
6. Going To California
7. Black Country Woman
8. White Summer
9. Kashmir
10. Jimmy Page-Star Spangled Banner/solo
11. Achilles Last Stand
12. Achilles Last Stand PT. 2 (tape turn over)

Part/Disc 2.
Sound Quality: B-
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Whole Lotta Love
15. Rock And Roll
16. Black Dog

Uploaded By: Stratus7

Source: Aud. SQ:A-
Lineage: Silver CD
Transfer:CD>Wav Loss Less>Flac level 8

To all the Led Zeppelin fans:  You're really going to be in for a major treat here, although this legendary show is incomplete.  I was actually at this concert (photo of partial ticket stub incld.), right up front toward the center of the stage.  The taper of this show was not far behind me (from what he told me).  By fluke i met him a few years later, started talking about that concert and how my younger brother was backstage the next day (7-24), when all the crazy shit hit the fan when Bozo & Peter Grant beat up one of Bill Graham's roadies, initially refused to play, both were arrested after the set and spent a night in Oakland county jail, prior to bail.  They took so long to go on (after Rick Derringer who smoked the stage both days!!), that people were initially "booing" them.  Well fortunately that wasn't the case the day i saw them (7-23), along with the taper.  Did a big trade just to get a copy from has master cassette, which he was initially reluctant to do so, and even wrote "Extremely Rare- Do Not Copy, For Personal Use," on the insert of the cassette folder.  The last four tracks is from another taper (which isn't as good sounding) to help fill more of the missing gaps of the entire concert, due to the first taper only having part of the concert.  Both were transferred directly from 2nd gen cassette (my copy) to CD.   If he made copies for anyone else in the S.F. Bay Area, someone uploaded it (didn't find on here), it would be the only way this extremely rare (that's right), concert has surfaced.  Until then, enjoy this Legendary piece of history that i had personally witnessed.  :-)     

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