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Los Lobos 1987-02-26 Kentish Town and Country Club, Kentish Town, London, England

Los Lobos
Kentish Town and Country Club, Kentish Town, London, England
February 26, 1987

Westwood One In Concert 87-26
For broadcast the week of December 14, 1987

Lineage: Original pre-FM vinyl > Audacity > Wav > Flac

Disc 1:
01. 87-26 Intro
02. Commercial - US Army
03. Evangeline
04. We're Gonna Rock (originally from Rhino Comp "L.A. Rockabilly," incorrectly listed on cue sheet as "Gunna Rock")
05. Come On Let's Go
06. Will The Wolf Survive? (incorrectly listed on cue sheet as "Tears Of God")
07. Commercial - Milky Way
08. Commercial - Listerine
09. 87-26 Break
10. Is This All There Is?
11. Let You Know (incorrectly listed on cue sheet as "Gotta Let You Know")
12. Our Last Night
13. Commercial - Levi's 501 Jeans - Leon Redbone
14. Commercial - Dentyne
15. 87-26 Break
16. Heart Tour Update
17. One Time One Night (incorrectly listed on cue sheet as "One Time Last Night")
18. My Baby's Gone
19. A Matter Of Time
20. Hardest Time
21. Commercial - Levi's 501 Jeans
22. Commercial - Budweiser
23. Commercial - US Army
24. Commercial - Certs
25. 87-26 Break

Disc 2:
26. Coors Four Play Tour Update
27. All I Wanted To Do Was Dance (incorrectly listed on cue sheet as "All I Wanted To Do")
28. Why Do You Do
29. Let's Say Goodnight
30. Commercial - Budweiser
31. Commercial - 501 Jeans
32. Commercial - US Army
33. Commercial - Certs
34. 87-26 Break
35. I Got Loaded
36. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
37. Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
38. Don't Worry Baby
39. Commercial - Listerine
40. Commercial - Benylin
41. Commercial - Dentyne
42. 87-26 Break
43. Walking Song
44. Buzz Buzz Buzz (cover of 1957 hit song by the Hollywood Flames)
45. My Baby's Gone
46. La Bamba
47. 87-26 Outro

Total time: 1:28:11

Draftervoi's notes:
Here's a fresh digitization from a clean copy of the original radio show discs. I tracked all the commercials and show breaks so you can include them or exclude them. I've included a 300 dpi scan of the cue sheet and one of the disc labels. I declicked the files in Audacity.

I think this 1987 show from the Kentish Town & Country Club was broadcast several times by Westwood One. There's also a listing on for 1987 that says a BBC broadcast was edited for broadcast, too.

There's a BBC radio broadcast dated 26-Feb-87 from the Kentish Town and Country Club with the following set list:

We're Gonna Rock
Come On, Let's Go
Tears of God *
Will the Wolf Survive?
Is This All There Is?
Anselma *
I Got to Let You Know
One Time, One Night
My Baby's Gone
All I Wanted to Do Is Dance
Why Do You Do?
Volver, Volver *
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
Prenda Del Alma *
La Bamba

* Not on the Westwood One In Concert 87-26 broadcast. 

It's likely that the Westwood One show was recorded at the same time as the BBC show, but I don't have a copy off the BBC show to compare tracks. Note that Los Lobos also played at the Kentish Town & Country Club a week earlier, on February 20, 1987, as well as on February 26, that is a possible date as well.

Many thanks to Draftervoi for making this available through his Voodoo Wagon blog.

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