Thursday, June 1, 2017

Megadeth 1993-001-25 Civic Center Philadelphia, PA

January 25 1993
Civic Center
Philadelphia, PA

Lineage:1st gen cassette>playback on Sony TC-W305 deck>TDK DA-3826 standalone burner>CDR>EAC>Flac frontend>Trader's Little Helper>DIME>you

01 Holy Wars
02 Skin O' My Teeth
03 Wake Up Dead
04 Hangar 18
05 Countdown To Extinction
06 Forclosure Of A Dream
07 This Was My Life//
08 //Lucretia//
09 //Sweating Bullets
10 //In My Darkest Hour
11 //The Conjuring
12 Tornado Of Souls
13 //Ashes In Your Mouth
14 Symphony of Destruction
15 Peace Sells
16 Anarchy In The UK

There are a lot of cuts in the recording in the middle of the show. Right after one song ends and then starting at the beginning of the next song. There is no real parts of song lost.  Taper must have been conserving battery power I guess.
The sound is pretty good but they sound distant to me and there is a lot of girls' screaming from time to time that  gets flippin' annoying as all hell .

Check out samples below.  A fairly rarely traded show I believe. 


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