Friday, June 2, 2017

Neil Young 1985-09-01 Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN

Neil Young w/ The International Harvesters
Minnesota State Fair
St. Paul, MN

lineage: analog master -> DAT -> DAT clone(s) -> edit (see notes) -> FLAC

CD1 [0:44:25]
01. crowd/intro
02. Country Home
03. Comes A Time *
04. Looking For A Love
05. Heart Of Gold
06. This Old House
07. Southern Pacific
08. Sugar Mountain
09. The Needle And The Damage Done
10. Helpless

CD2 [0:48:06]
01. California Sunset #
02. Nothing Is Perfect
03. Field Of Opportunity
04. Down By The River
05. Old Man
06. Powderfinger
07. encore break / band introduction
08. Get Back To The Country
09. Grey Riders

*) with Nicolette Larson
#) tape flip at 2:18

- DAT from the Dutch Masters Archives
- Transfer: DAT played on Sony DTC-790 deck -> S/PDIF cable -> Terratec
  Aureon 5.1 soundcard -> Adobe Audition -> WAV -> CDWave -> WAV -> FLAC
- Mastering done in Adobe Audition; a few clicks removed, some minor
  diginoise repaired in Old Man.
- Known flaws: There is a tape flip right in the middle of California Sunset.
This recording is neatly split in two parts of 46 minutes,
Grey Riders only just fit on the second side of the tape and is complete.
- The Needle And The Damage Done is one of three performances on this tour.
  Grey Riders is one of 25 known performances, which were all on this tour
  in August and September of 1985. Also a nice Nothing Is Perfect.
- This is a concert at an outdoor State Fair, and Neil comments a few times on the rising moon.
The show ends with fireworks during the last notes of Grey Riders.
- DAT transfer and torrent by rdvdijk (2007-06-09)


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