Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Neil Young 2013-07-14 Piazza Grande, Locarno, Switzerland

I attended this show ... and it was only the second time i did not come "equipped" to a neil show [( my first show was 1976-03-18 EQUIPPED and the one i also missed taping was 1996 in frankfurt ( enough versions exist)] buddy wildwalt shared that memorable 76 show with me and he was present as well .. though we didn't know ( nor met) till days after the show..

hey buddy wildwalt!!
 4 songs from the 17 songs here ....
go all the way back to OUR FIRST SHOW!
and 50% of the crew on board !!
see:  1}

the two recordings which have shown up on -DimeADozen- are both " mediocre" imho
both are  suffering from crowd noise and the level of audience noise vs. music can be enhanced..
esp. on the acoustic part of the show

i used

source1  for EQ purposes
Lineage: IRIVER H320+ Sony Ecm717mic>WAV>FLAC(LEVEL 8)
Taped and mastered by Oldgringo

source 2 was EQ untouched
Recording & editing: Zuma66
Recorded center 1st row
Lineage:Edirol R09-HR > core sound binaural + battery box
CompactFlash card reader > PC > WAV editing with goldwave > Audacity 1.3
Cd wave > Traders Little Helper level 8

asked for permisson
"No problem for me use my recordings whitou [sic]t problem
Giorgio - zuma66"
wenn Du eine Matrix machen willst, kannst Du das gerne tun, ich bin mal sehr auf das Resultat gespannt....

matrixed in audacity by hanwaker 2013-08

tracked acc to "oldgringo's" tracking
(final notes
you can always improve this matrix .... go back to the raw recordings
do not go from here)

01 Love and only love
02 Powderfinger
03 Psychedelic Pill
04 Walk like a giant
05 Hole In The Sky
06 Red Sun
07 Heart of gold
08 Blowin´in the wind
09 Comes a time
10 Singer without a song
11 Ramada Inn
12 Cinnamon girl *
13 Fuckin´ up
14 Cortez the killer
15 Sedan delivery
16 Mr. Soul **
17 Like a hurricane

*after cinnamon girl: false start of cortez ( wrong guitar)
** after mr soul: encore break is cut short

1} afterthought:
comes a time when you are drifting..
comes a time.....
all the best to you marko B ( he was on board 76  but now he is no more )

afterthough 2:
it doesn't sound soo MUCH better than 76 ... nostalgia.. rules


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