Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pearl Jam 1993-07-13 Brixton Academy London, England

07/13/93 - Brixton Academy: London, England [90m]
notes: 'Rats,' due for release in two months, has a funky opening. The start of 'Whipping' sounds almost reggae-like. Ed, offering some insight into 'Rearviewmirror,'
       explains "... listen to this song in a car really fast, driving away from someone you hate."
1.  Why Go
2.  Deep
3.  Jeremy
4.  Blood
5.  Dissident
6.  Even Flow
7.  Go
8.  Animal
9.  Black
10.  Glorified G
11.  Daughter
12.  Alive
13.  Rats
14.  Porch
15.  Rearviewmirror
16.  Whipping
17.  Sonic Reducer
18.  Once
19.  Indifference

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