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Pearl Jam 1998-10-10 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA

Pearl Jam
October 10, 1998
Crocodile Cafe: Seattle, WA

Source: Marcsounds > Sony D100 > DAT-C > DA-20 > Monster coax > Nomad Jukebox 3 (coax mod) > CD Wave 1.95.1 > flac

Spin The Black Circle
All Those Yesterdays
Leaving Here
Do The Evolution
Soldier Of Love

Notes: Opening for Cheap Trick.

Thanks to BLG for the DA-20 & JR for the DAT.

Transfer by BMR
compiled on 2-3-07

Pearl Jam recorded by Phil Thenstedt ( on a Sony WMD6C w/Realistic 33-1065

DAE:  by using EAC v 0.9 PB 6 (logs included in original distribution)

WAV -> .shn:  by using mkwACT 0.97 Beta 1

10/10/98 - Crocodile Cafe: Seattle
supporting: Cheap Trick
capacity: 341
soundcheck: Naked Eye (bits), Angie (snippets), Corduroy, Not For You, Spin the Black Circle, Leaving Here, Leatherman (little vocals), I Got Shit, MFC
set: MFC, Habit, Corduroy, Immortality, Spin the Black Circle, All Those Yesterdays, Leatherman, Leaving Here, Do The Evolution, Soldier of Love
notes: The rumor that had all Seattle a-buzz came to fruition tonight, the last night of Cheap Trick's three night stand. A very rested and relaxed looking PJ (featuring a newly raven-haired Mr. McCready, sporting the MSG I Van Halen shirt) took the tiny Croc stage after a really warm introduction by Rick Nielsen. The set is notable for the fact that 1) no radio hits, and 2) almost all were songs with Eddie on guitar. This has to be the most adventurous setlist in years. 'Immortality' is nothing short of tremendous thanks to none other than one Matthew D. Cameron, who OWNS the song, to the point that the Cheap Trick fans in the audience all noted it after the set as a standout (and were asking what record it was on!). Ed's eyes are closed and he doesn't start to make eye contact until 'STBC,' where he sheds the guitar and breaks out into the trademark Ed shuffle-dance (as best he could in that tiny space - PJ set up IN FRONT of Cheap Trick's equipment). Mike runs up on top of Rick Nielsen's guitar platform during the song as well, to much amusement. After the song ends, Ed remarks to the crowd that the previous song was about vinyl - "Remember vinyl? ... imagine how different it would be if all Cheap Trick's records had been [and he outlines a cd sized square with his hands] ... 'Got my Kiss CD's out' doesn't have quite the same ring ..." [quoting from Cheap Trick's 'Surrender']. Matt sings backup (along with Stone and Jeff) on a super version of 'All Those Yesterdays.' Jeff plays one of Tom Petersson's 12-string basses on 'Corduroy'; 'Leavin' Here' is notable in that the solo order was Stone, *Jeff*, Ed, Mike. Mike further adds to it by running and grabbing a handful of Rick Nielsen's guitar picks and tossing them at the audience (just like Rick does!). 'Soldier of Love' is not on the setlist, but is added at the last minute after a hurried conference. Tight, razor-sharp and perfect, while staying within the 40-minute time slot allotted to the opening bands. (Security was very tight, so we have no photos, however, there are some lovely shots in the "photo gallery" section of the Croc's web site )


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