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Steve Miller Band 1982-06-26 Summerfest Main Stage Milwaukee, WI

Steve Miller Band live at the Milwaukee Summerfest Main Stage on June 26th 1982 second show 7:30pm Milwaukee Wisconsin USA



     This has to be my favorite recording in the year and a half I recorded on it. What energy the band had! To this day it amazes me when I hear it.
This is a good a listen as it gets. Of course it helps if you like Steve Miller. If you do.......I guarantee this to be as good if not the best Steve Miller
you ever heard. This is a perfect listen with a beer on a Friday night. This was when bands started going cordless. You hear every now and then static through
the PA. How amusing when Stevie says the line "Someone give me a Cheeseburger" a whole bunch of Summerfest cheeseburgers was hurled up the stage. For those
that went to the Summerfest Main stage back in the days......remember the group always center 20 rows or so? "The Gerbils". I got a kick out of that. These
were great 50 cents a cup. Steve Miller was smiling from ear to ear this entire show. You want kick ass rock with all the dynamic range? Then
I suggest you crank this show on your best system!

The levels of the cdr are exactly what is on the master. I permanently added to the lineage "ZERO GAIN SETTING!". Unless I used a pro mixer you cannot
add gain with the CDR burner otherwise the dynamic range suffers. I prefer the Naim 52 as my buffer anyway. Stop looking at levels and just crank it.

+++++I got a PM today that can't understand why I ripped the recording in Paranoid mode in EAC. So I ripped a cut from Les Claypool off the Nagra Analog reel to reel.
I ripped track 04 both ways, secure and paranoid but not necessarily in that order. I will post which is which after I get 20 votes on your pick. This track has TONS of musical
information that should help you hear the difference. You no doubt will need to compare more then once. When you make your mind up I suggest one more A to B comparison. To
my ears I think its night and day. Its all about dynamic range man.+++++

Microphones: Sony ECM 33F
Tape Deck: Sony TC-D5M
Cassettes: TDK MA-90 Metal Bias
Recorded with Dolby B but I choose to leave it off on this playback

Master Tape > Sony TC-D5M (ORIGINAL UNIT!!)
Run Through the Naim 52 Pre-amplifier
To the Philips CDR-101 (Marantz CDR-600) [tracked on the fly] ZERO GAIN SETTING!
Using CDR Yaiyo Yuden 74-ZY Gold (The best!)
Playback in PC with Plextor UltraPlex40max SCSI CD-ROM
EAC in paranoid mode to slow the read speed.
FLAC > To You Guys, Enjoy RB

Set list:

Space Cowboy
Mercury Blues
Fly Like An Eagle
Wild Mountain Honey
The Joker
Gangster Of Love
Living in the USA
Something Special
Keeps Me Wondering Why
Get on Home
Heart Like A Wheel
Macho City/band intro
Rock 'n' Me
Give it up
Jet Airliner
Jet Airliner (cont.)
Jungle Love
*****Home Sweet Home Milwaukee/Texas Blues*****
Swingtown (He said he ran out of songs so he would start over.)
Take The Money And Run

Band members are introduced twice

MP3 samples using Sony Sound Forge 9.0


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