Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sting 1985-02-27 The Ritz NYC, NY

27 Feb 1985
The Ritz, NYC

Source: Master Audience Cassette. Nak 300's  > Sony TC D5m > Maxell UD-XLII 90.

Transfer: Yamaha KX-390 > Tascam CD-RW5000 > CD >
Peak 4.0 (Normalize, Tracking, Fades) > fix SBE, generate .aiff.checksum, compress to flac level 7, generate fingerprint, verify via xACT 1.4b23, seeded via Azureus by BoldCaptain Oct 2006.

File Size: 549.58 Mb flac level 7

01. Shadows in the Rain
02. Driven Thru Tears
03. Childrens Crusade
04. One World (Not Three)
05. Black Seam
06. Bring on the the Night
07. Intro
08. Moon Over Bourbon Street 
09. I Burn For You
10. If You Love Someone (Set Them Free)
11. Lowlife
12. Been Down So Long...
13. Message In A Bottle
14. I Need You Love So Much
15. Roxanne
16. Demolition Man

Notes: Decent sounding aud, taped from the floor, about half way up, center. There may be more to this as I am uncertain if it is continued on another tape. Can anyone confirm/deny this?? Anyways here's what I got...


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