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Sting 1985-09-10 Blossom Music Amphitheater Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Blossom Music Amphitheater
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
September 10, 1985

Lineage:  Soundboard => Analog cassette master => DAT(n) => CDR => EAC => Audigy
          Audio Cleaning Lab => Export to WAV => FLAC

Track Listing:

Disc 1 (62:48):
(1)  Shadows In The Rain (start cut) (4:58)
(2)  Driven To Tears (8:34)
(3)  Consider Me Gone (5:13)
(4)  The Children's Crusade (6:16)
(5)  One World (Not Three) (5:05) =>
(6)  Love Is The Seventh Wave (6:15)
(7)  We Work The Black Seam (7:22)
(8)  Bring On The Night => When The World Is Running Down (8:06)
(9)  Another Day (5:24)
(10)  Moon Over Bourbon Street (5:32)

Disc 2 (59:15):
(1)  Fortress Around Your Heart (4:54)
(2)  Low Life (4:05)
(3)  I Burn For You (14:05)
(4)  If You Love Somebody Set Them Free (4:52)
(5)  Roxanne (3:47)
(6)  Been Down So Long (8:48)
(7)  Every Breath You Take (5:04)
(8)  Need Your Love So Bad (8:13)
(9)  Dream of the Blue Turtles => Demolition Man (5:25)

No artwork; sorry.  Fingerprints in a separate file.

Comments:  Don't know much about this one; got it in trade in about 1999.  There is noticeable hiss because it was recorded on an analog cassette off the board, but other than that it sounds quite good.  I haven't really seen this on many lists; however, for all I know this may be fairly common in Sting/Police circles. 

I originally torrented this on Sharingthegroove in March 2004; it was pointed out to me that there is brief diginoise in one place and one song is cut.  When I looked into this, both flaws were present on my DAT.  I failed to make note of which songs those warts appear in, so I'd appreciate if someone could please post in the torrent where the blemishes occur so others don't question whether they got a faulty download.  Also, as noted above, the first song cuts in. 

Altogether, a very enjoyable document from a nice tour.


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