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Talking Heads 1983-08-20 Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA

Talking Heads
Cape Cod Coliseum,
South Yarmouth, MA
August 20, 1983


Disc 1 - Set 1
-Missing Psycho Killer-
01 Heaven
02 Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
03 Love Goes To A Building On Fire
04 The Book I Read
05 Slippery People
06 Cities
07 Big Blue Plymouth*
08 Burning Down The House
09 Life During Wartime

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Making Flippy Floppy
02 Swamp
03 What A Day That Was*
04 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
05 Once In A Lifetime
06 Big Business*>Izimbra
07 Houses In Motion
08 Genius Of Love#
09 Girlfriend Is Better
10 Take Me To The River
11 Crosseyed And Painless^
12 Burning Down The House II^

*from David Byrne's "The Catherine Wheel"
#from The Tom Tom Club (Weymouth, Franz)
^encores are derived from a different and inferior SBD recording


SBD > MC > DAT(2) > Audigy > Soundforge 6.0 @44.1k > FLAC
Wave > Wavemerge (reassemble tracks) > Soundforge 8 used for
remastering > CD Wave (track splits) > FLAC (level 8)


David Byrne-vocals, guitar
Tina Weymouth-bass, guitar, vocals
Chris Franz-drums
Jerry Harrison-guitar, keyboards
Bernie Worrell-keyboards
Alex Weir-rhythm guitar
Steve Scales-bongos, percussion
Lynn Mabry-b/g vocals
Ednah Holt-b/g vocals


Work Performed
-FLACs decoded and Wavemerge used to reassemble to 1 long wave file
-add a quick fade in to start disc 1
-added a quick fade out at the set break, end of disc 1
-added a quick fade in after the set break, start of disc 2
-made disc transition is seamless (for longer media or PC playback)
-removed a digi zap before the start of d2t08 "Genius Of Love"
-raised the levels +4db on the main source
-even the levels (right channel +2db) on the encore source
-tried to the encores match the sound of the main source
-seamless transition from the main source to the encore source
-digital EQ to bring up the high end and add a bit more punch
-preformed some slight compression and hard limiting
-removed 2 dropouts in d2t12 "Burning Down the House II"
-smoothed a partial channel loss on d2t12 "Burning Down the House II"
-added additional crowd cheer and a fade out at the end of disc 2
-encore source still sounds inferior to the main source
-fixed the artwork to match the setlist
-created CD art for both disc 1 and disc 2

Remaster by "amdig1" (
Thanks for the original source from "hamels"
Thank to the secondary encore source from "john234"



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