Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ted Nugent 1977-08-31 Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, Wa

Ted Nugent
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington, USA


01.  Just What The Doctor Ordered (song cuts in)
02.  Dog Eat Dog
03.  Free For All
04.  Snakeskin Cowboys
05.  Hey Baby
06.  Where Have Been All of My Life
07.  Cat Scratch Fever
08.  Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
09.  Walkin’ Tall
10.  Stormtroopin’ (cuts out at end of song)

If you have the album 'Double Live Gonzo' then you have one song from this show. Like Mr. Nugent says, 'y'all been had'. KZOK a local radio station broadcasted the entire show. My friend Adonais recorded it with his dad's reel to reel. He actually has the entire show. I copied what I could onto a 60 minute tape and played that many times. There is a blemish in the tape but doesn't last long. I digitized the tape and that is what this is. Please enjoy it.


Ted Nugent
Derek St. Holmes
Cliff Davies
Rob Grange


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