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The Replacements 1985-12-17 The Roxy Los Angeles, CA

The Replacements
December 17, 1985
The Roxy
Los Angeles, CA

A Tapegeek Master Recording/Hitwitstuff2 Upload

Maxell XL II cassette, Aiwa CM30 Stereo Mic, Aiwa Recorder->LUXMAN K-111 HX Pro Stereo Cassette Deck->Audacity (Levels adjusted, tracks created, no EQ).
flacs created with Switch, MD5 file created with xACT.


Its a long weird path that brings these recordings to DIME. It starts in 1997 when a co-worker named Scott appears one morning with a Paper Grocery bag filled with first gen copies from master recordings of Replacements, Husker Du, Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers, Robin Hitchcock. I got dizzy. The work project was almost over and I had only three or four days to get them all copied and that could only be done while on my ten hour turnaround between work; thats the time I should be sleeping. I went crazy dubbing with my dubber and cassette to DAT with my other set up (instead of sleeping). I did not get em all, but I got all that was very important to me. Fifteen years later, I uploaded one of these Scott Paper Bag shows to Dime and told this story. Turns out Scott is on Dime as Sporkpie and identified himself to me. I also met his friend who is also on Dime. He goes by Tapegeek. Those first gen copies that were in the bag were mostly copies of Tapegeek (and his friend and fellow DIMEr Peewee) master recordings. Tapegeek coincidently is in the same profession as myself. Small world, huh? Well, guess what. These are his recordings off of his master cassettes that we are now going to enjoy and share so lets reward Tapegeek for handing over his master, for trusting me and for his generosity. Lets get some great comments. Thank yous are nice, Mats stories are always welcome, but how about taking a moment after hearing this great recording of a great solid Mats show to give your opinion.  Ask a question.  Cite a favorite moment you would like tape geek to recount in more detail. 
By the way, this isnt one of those drunken sloppy fucking around shows, this ones great! - Ken (A.K.A. hitwitstuff2, but you can call me hitwitstuff)

There are some defects in the recording to mention; You can see Tapegeek’s note on his cassette cover.  Jpeg scans of the actual cassette cards are included in the download.
The defect is the right channel dropping in volume and becoming slightly tinny.  Little Mascara, Left of the Dial, and Black Diamond are effected. 


If you've ever heard this show before, it's because I used to trade cassettes with people all over the world, and so many dubs of this master have made the rounds - I have been waiting for a very long time for someone like hitwitstuff2 to help me out with getting these shows properly digitized and shared, and so many thanks are due to him - share your recordings folks!!!

When I saw the Replacements at the Roxy in Los Angeles (12-17-85), I had seen (and taped) them twice in New York - once was so drunkenly bad it was great (CBGB), and one was really pretty great (Irving Plaza), so I must admit that I was a bit scared when we saw Paul walking over to Dan Turner's liquor store near the Roxy and then walking past all of us standing in line with what looked like a bottle of Jack Daniels in a paper bag - well, thankfully the 'Mats must have all balanced their "inebriants" appropriately, because they came out blasting on all cylinders - once again I was kind of far over on the right side with the mic taped to the wall...

Please trade this show freely, but do not alter the files or any of the info, don't convert the FLACs to MP3s unless it's just for your own personal use, and above all don't sell this recording in any way!

Special thanks to Mats Fan Hiptone who I reached out to for additional opinions regarding various transfers and for adding the metadata to the individual files and making some corrections to the titling.

1. Love You Till Friday
2. Bastards of Young
3. Color Me Impressed
4. Hay day
5. Little Mascara
6. Left of the Dial
7. Nowhere Man
8. I cant Wait
9. Swinging Party
10. Im in Trouble
11. Were Coming Out
12. I Will Dare
13. Favorite Thing
14. tuning
15. Kiss Me On The Bus

-Tape Flip-

16. (cuts into) Baby Strange
17. Rock Around The Clock
18. requests
19. Baby If You Want to Be My Lover
20. Dont Ask Why
21. Tommy Got His Tonsils Out
22. Johnnys Gonna Die/All By Myself
23. tuning
24. Go
25. Answering Machine
26. Shaft (kinda)
27. Waitress in the Sky
28. Kids Don’t Follow
29. Taking Care of Business
30. Black Diamond
31. Unsatisfied
32. Hitching A Ride

-Tape Change-

33. Hospital
34. Happy Birthday Bob
35. Run It
36. Borstal Breakout
37. Customer
38. thanks


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