Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Van Halen 1979-09-13 Budokan Hall Tokyo, Japan

VAN HALEN September 13, 1979 Tokyo, Japan/Budokan AUD "Japan Tour II"

Ladies and Gentlemen, the MIGHTY Van Halen!  This was sent to me by the wonderfully generous fuwafuwatime!!  Let's give a big thanks to fuwafuwatime! 

Original Source Boot Silver>EAC>WAV>FLAC (Lv8)

Title: Japan Tour II
Source: Excellent Audience Recording

01 Intro.
02 Light Up The Sky
03 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
04 Drum Solo
05 Runnin' With The Devil
06 Dance The Night Away
07 Beautiful Girls
08 Improvisation
09 On Fire
10 Bass Solo
11 You're No Good
12 Jamie's Cryin'

01 Fools Intro.
02 Feel Your Love Tonight
03 Outta Love Again
04 Ice Cream Man
05 Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
06 Spanish Fly / Eruption
07 You Really Got Me
08 Bottoms Up
09 Atomic Punk

David Lee Roth - Lead Vocals
Eddie Van Halen - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Anthony - Bass, Vocals
Alex Van Halen - Drums

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