Monday, February 26, 2018

Yes 1974-02-26 Boston Garden Boston, MA

02/26/74 Boston, MA Boston Garden 2:24 AUD B+

Disc One
1 Firebird Suite 2:59
2 Siberian Khatru 10:20
3 And You And I 10:10
4 Close To The Edge 20:23
5 The Revealing Science Of God 21:36

Disc Two
6 The Remembering 23:04
7 The Ancient 19:49
8 Ritual 26:29
9 Roundabout 8:39

Comments: This was from a low generation, mono source. I used Wavelab
to give the recording some depth, increase the bass, and dehiss it a
bit. JB found the source for this, and patched a couple
spots that were missing due to tape flips with the alternate
recording. There were some small pops throughout which were
a "feature" of the original recording. I repaired the really
noticeable ones, including one spot in "The Remembering" where I was
able to patch from another section in the song. I can't for the life
of me even remember where I did that now.

This is believed to be from a different recording than the Toads tree
that Shaun ran last year.

JB adds:
This is indeed a different tape, and the credit for unearthing it
actually goes to Dirk Uther, the fabulous ELP collector.

Seems the 2nd Boston taper was in a great spot for the show and the
crowd was about as mellow as you can find. The tape flips really
hurt, though. 1 in RSOG & the other in Ritual. But this tape
provides interesting peices missing from the other tape. Mainly,
there was no intermission! They go right from CTTE to RSOG.
Plus you get to hear Jon begging them to stay and put up with
Topographic Oceans-- and you wonder why they don't want to
play this stuff on stage again?


Happy Listening!


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