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Bob Dylan 1991-11-05 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI

Madison, WI, November 5, 1991 - edited MJS master - 2 discs
Bob Dylan
Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI, November 5, 1991

Source/lineage information: AUD > tape (MJS master) > SHN >
 posted to by taper in February 2003 > WAV >
 edited track breaks & disc division > Flac 1.1.2 with tags > dime (July 2005)

I edited some track boundaries, moved the first two tracks of disc 2
 to the end of disc 1, and split off an intro track.  I did not edit the music.
 I no longer have the originals, so I'm posting my edited version.  The
 fingerprints and the right-channel dropouts tell me that this is not the
 same source as the boot "Madison '91".  If you want to compare this to a
 source you have, check the fingerprints below and check the right channel. 
 The fingerprint one minute into That Lucky Old Sun is a particularly good one. 
 (Remember, I changed the track breaks, so the times have changed.)

NOTE: The right channel drops way down in volume or cuts out several times;
 I marked some but not all of those places below.  In particular, it seems
 that from the start of the concert until 3:00 of Gotta Serve Somebody,
 the right channel is much lower.

I've included an MD5 file and a Flac fingerprint for the Flac files.

The Extras folder contains cue sheets, spectral/frequency views,
md5s for WAV files, HTML tracklist, shntool len output.  It also contains
the md5 files for the original SHN files (no longer valid, of course).

I found no art that matches this version.


DISC 1 (66:14)
01 Introduction (0:16)
02 New Morning (3:54)
03 Lay, Lady, Lay (5:38)
04 Watching The River Flow (4:53)
05 Simple Twist Of Fate (8:22)
*Fingerprints: At 0:09, a man yells "Oh! Yeah!" and at 0:14, a man says something like "If your ass is here, be the best concert you ever set through" (??) At 0:38, a man yells "Oh, Bob-O.  Oh!".  Singing starts at 1:26, with a "Yea Bob!" shouted out at 1:31.
06 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (4:15)
07 Gotta Serve Somebody (5:21)
*right channel volume picks up at 3:00, possibly for the first time in the concert
08 You Don't Know Me (4:29)
09 All Along The Watchtower (5:11)
*right channel almost completely gone 4:25-4:57; edit at 4:57
10 Buffalo Skinners [Trail of the Buffalo] (5:29)
*right channel almost completely gone 0:11-0:21
11 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (6:59)
12 Mr. Tambourine Man (6:47)
*Fingerprint: There is some conversation between men and women at several points in this song.  For example, at 3:19, a woman(?) on the left says "Yeah" and then a man on the left says "I figured out I don't want to do ...". At 3:44, Dylan sings "Take me disappearing ..."
13 That Lucky Old Sun (4:38)
*Fingerprints: Singing starts at 0:16.  At 1:02, a man says "ain't got nothin' to [?]" just before Dylan sings "got nothin' to do".  At 4:15, a man says "You missed it, I was doing my ...", just as Dylan is singing the final "all day" and at 4:17, a man asks "Where is he?"

DISC 2 (36:54)
01 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (6:16)
*right channel almost completely gone 3:08-4:17
02 Shooting Star (4:48)
*right channel down in volume from 2:12 to end of song; edit with brief silence at end
03 Everything Is Broken (4:18)
*right channel almost completely gone 0:47-1:10, 1:20-1:47
04 I Believe In You (8:15)
*edit at 8:14
05 Man In The Long Black Coat (7:02)
06 Maggie's Farm (6:15)


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