Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bruce Springsteen 1988-04-20 McNichols Arena Denver, CO

Denver in the Dark
April 20th, 1988
Denver, CO
McNichols Arena

Flac Trade

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01-Tunnel of Love
02-Be True
03-Adam Raised a Cain
04-Two Faces
05-All That Heaven Will Allow
08-Cover Me
09-Brilliant Disguise
10-Spare Parts
12-Born in the USA

01-Tougher Than the Rest
02-Ain't Got You-She's the One
03-You Can Look
04-I'm a Coward
05-I'm on Fire
06-One Step Up
07-Part Man Part Monkey
08-Walk Like a Man
09-Dancing in the Dark
10-Light of Day

01-Born to Run
02-Hungry Heart
03-Glory Days
05-Detroit Medley-Sweet Soul Music
06-Raise Your Hand

Notes: Good sound, had to do some work on this one. As it was originally sent to me this show was very loud and bassy, VERY. It was almost unlistenable. I have reduced the bass which in turn lowered the volume too. Turn it up if it's not loud enough for you. The last track sounds like it may be from a different source, it's clearer. Thereis an intermittant screaming woman throughout(I so wish they could hear themselves 20 years later and all the tapes they ruined). Same show as the prior tour stops in Houston and Austin, no variation of the setlist during this part of the tour.

Enjoy, Ivan.

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