Wednesday, July 26, 2017

David Bowie 1976-05-07 Wembley Empire Poo: London, Eng.

Artist: David Bowie
Title: Live at the Empire Pool 1976
Venue: London, Wembley Empire Pool May 7, 1976

Audio Source: audience
Part 1: Audio cassette --> Soundforge --> FLAC 8 --> MWP.
Part 2: MWP Torrent --> Soundforge --> FLAC 8 --> MWP.
Number of Discs: 1
Artwork: Yes
Total running time: 1:17:41

This show was recently uploaded by Diamond Dog back in September, this gave me the opportunity to compare it to my recording and see what could be done to improve it.
I felt this worthwhile as this is probably one of the best quality audience recordings from this tour.

The result is this upload, the first half of the show is from my tape as I felt it had less distortion and a brighter sound (and a couple of extra minutes of Station to Station), the second half is from DD's original upload as my tape had more drop outs and breaks in the recording.
The two parts have been spliced together and cleaned, resulting in the removal of over 80% of the overdriven distortion. The massive drop out at the end of Rebel Rebel-Jean Genie is still very evident, I've done what I can to improve it but creating something from nothing is nigh on impossible.

01 - Station To Station
02 - Suffragette City
03 - Fame
04 - Word On A Wing
05 - Stay
06 - Waiting For The Man
07 - Queen Bitch
08 - Life On Mars?
09 - Five Years
10 - Panic In Detroit
11 - Band Intro/Changes
12 - TVC15
13 - Diamond Dogs
14 - Rebel Rebel
15 - The Jean Genie

Finally a big thanks to DD for the original upload without which this would not have been possible.

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