Sunday, July 2, 2017

Del Amitri 1990-12-19 The Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow

Del Amitri - The Barrowlands Ballroom, Glasgow 19th December 1990

The Boys Are Back In Town
Kiss This Thing Goodbye
Opposite View
When I Want You
Always The Last To Know
As Soon As The Tide Comes In
Don't Cry No Tears
You're Gone
Stone Cold Sober

Scared To Live
This Side Of The Morning
The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
Hatful of Rain
Spit In The Rain
Charlie's Bar
You've Got To Hide You Love Away
Nothing Ever Happens
The Return of Maggie Brown
Move Away Jimmy Blue

I think I uploaded this a few years back but it is twenty years since this brillaint evening so I thought I'd repost it.

As ever the exact lineage of my old tapes is unknown. I bought the original at the time, transferred to CD for my own use at some later point with some minor adjustments to reduce the tape hiss and little else. Whoever taped this is a genius. If anyone knows more about this original tape I'd love to know. The band are front and centre, Justin chat clear but enough audience noise to make it feel like you are there.

I remember fixing a tape flip but I did such a good job I can't spot where it is. There must be a little bit of song missing but I can't tell.

This is Del Amitri at their best. In the Barrowlands just before Christmas. This is the second of two shows they played that week. Spit In The Rain with a pipe band followed by that Christmas classic Charlie's Bar.

Download, turn it up the stereo and join in the singing.


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