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Iron Maiden 1982-03-09 Apollo Theatre Oxford, Eng.

Iron Maiden
Apollo Theatre

Aiwa mic > Aiwa walkman recorder > cassette master >
Playback on Pioneer CT-S550S > Sony JE530 A/D (44.1k) > Nomad JB3 > .wav >
Adobe Audition > .wav > CDWAV > FLAC frontend > .flac files

Note: The Sony JE530 is a minidisc recorder, however
a pure digital output is available when using it as a
"passthrough" device. Therefore, despite the presence
of a minidisc device in this lineage there is no MD/
ATRAC compression.

Disc #1:
  1. Murders In The Rue Morgue  4:26
  2. Wrathchild                 3:31
  3. Run To The Hills           4:19
  4. Children Of The Damned     4:34
  5. The Number Of The Beast    5:04
  6. Another Life               3:42
  7. Killers                    5:28
  8. 22 Acacia Avenue           6:38
  9. Total Eclipse              3:53
Total time disc #1: [41:35]

Disc #2:
  1. Drum Solo                  1:41
  2. Transylvania               3:43
  3. Guitar Solo                1:49
  4. The Prisoner               5:45
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Name       7:10
  6. Phantom Of The Opera       6:46
  7. Iron Maiden                4:07
Encore #1:
  8. Sanctuary                  3:53
  9. Drifter                    8:34
Encore #2:
 10. Running Free               3:35
Encore #3:
 11. Prowler                    4:14
Total time disc #2: [51:18]

Total time CD#1 + CD#2: [92:53]


The tape was stopped, or paused at the following points:
(A). After Total Eclipse (tape flip)
(B). After Iron Maiden (probably encore break)
(C). After Drifter (another encore break, but also a tape flip)
(D). After Running Free (presumably another encore break).

At each of these points there were significants changes in apparant volume
(due to the nature of automatic level control, as used in the recorder).
Also, usually there were additional artifacts (for instance very brief
drop-outs, or "thumps" caused by the magnet that served as an erase head).
I used bass filters, amplitude adjustments and cross-fading to smooth out
at all of these discontinuities except for (A) - the first tape flip.

The right channel was slightly under-recorded compared to the left, and
I adjusted the amplitude as follows:

First 45 mins:
Left channel + 1db
Right channel + 2.5db
Left channel (no adjustment)
Right channel + 1db


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