Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Iron Maiden 1985-01-17 Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY(V2)

Iron Maiden- Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York January 17, 1985

Audience > cassette (generation unknown) > wav (using Onkyo cassette deck, Audacity and Soundforge XP 4.5) > flac (using multifrontend)

Maiden was scheduled to play 13 nights at Radio City. I was fortunate enough to see them on 1/19 of this run. They did 6 or 7 shows and had to cancel the rest because the band had the flu.

d1t01 Aces High
d1t02 Two Minutes To Midnight
d1t03 The Trooper
d1t04 Revelations
d1t05 Flight Of Icarus
d1t06 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
d1t07 Powerslave

 d2t01 Guitar solo Star Spangled Banner
d2t02 The Number Of The Beast
d2t03 Hallowed Be Thy Name
d2t04 Iron Maiden
d2t05 Run To The Hills
d2t06 Running Free
d2t07 Sanctuary

d1t01 Aces High.flac:6313090cb2bd80378448add438f5b090
d1t02 Two Minutes To Midnight.flac:60e99d5506501de07f7ad36f763b3956
d1t03 The Trooper.flac:3adae6c55cb57ed751c8f213f7d6093d
d1t04 Revelations.flac:a433d0d9d3d26bccd88a545b50c913e8
d1t05 Flight Of Icarus.flac:6bab660d9b509b4e17e2dadbeebe0286
d1t06 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner.flac:b8c155fd17ca032f9c3d6f1a15899952
d1t07 Powerslave.flac:30c35f1489129a171dbb8437dabe1ea2
d2t01 Guitar solo Star Spangled Banner.flac:126b36daa5577c56b574ae53970fedca
d2t02 The Number Of The Beast.flac:0e9d0ac3efa86a8109fd956a62227487
d2t03 Hallowed Be Thy Name.flac:9092eeb72ab60b53ef1c3df0130c73ba
d2t04 Iron Maiden.flac:65580381580257fb6ced685bde167f22
d2t05 Run To The Hills.flac:63fb87a40f4ef6749ffbd0e1ebe75ef6
d2t06 Running Free.flac:a66477f7485f912570abbdecae7fbdbd
d2t07 Sanctuary.flac:db57be1f7d0a076e25f50ea688a8bb13

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