Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Iron Maiden 1999-07-18 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA(V3)

Iron Maiden
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA, USA

Source: AUD (Version 3 - remastered by Dr. Demonic)

01 - Intro (Transylvania / Churchill's Speech)
02 - Aces High
03 - Wrathchild
04 - The Trooper
05 - Two Minutes To Midnight
06 - The Clansman
07 - Wasted Years
08 - Killers
09 - Futureal
10 - Man On The Edge
11 - Powerslave
12 - Phantom Of The Opera
13 - The Evil That Men Do
14 - Fear Of The Dark
15 - Iron Maiden
16 - The Number Of The Beast
17 - Hallowed Be Thy Name
18 - Run To The Hills

Time: 98:57

Version info:

Version 1 and version 2 is the same recording.
Version 2 is just a bad CD rip with digi noise and is shorter
than version 1 because of less silence at the end of each CD.
This version 3 is my remaster of version 1.

Remaster notes:

The original is very distant but I thought that there might
be a good recording buried underneath and I was right.

I raised the mid and high frequencies and added some other little
magic tweaks. Now it sounds clearer, better balanced and more
powerful. You be the judge.

I also removed quite a few clicks and two glitches in Killers and
Run To The Hills.

The taper was sometimes fiddling with the volume level.
I raised or lowered the volume where necessary.

If you want to burn to CD I recommend to split it between
track 9 and 10 (see my included cover artwork).
This is the way it was split before but now you can listen to
the whole show uninterrupted because I removed the gap between
the two tracks and applied a crossfade. Now it continues flawlessly.

Enjoy it.

 Dr. Demonic

March 2013


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