Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jeff Buckley 1994-12-04 Stephen Talkhouse Miami Beach, FL

Jeff Buckley 1994-12-04 Stephen Talkhouse Miami Beach, FL

01. So Real *
02. Dream Brother
03. Last Goodbye
04. What Will You Say
05. Grace
06. Lilac Wine
07. Mojo Pin
08. Eternal Life
09. Lover, You Should've Come Over
10. encore
11. Vancouver >
12. Kanga-roo

Gen: AUD #1
Source: Sonic Studio mics and Sony D3 DAT recorder
Lineage: DAT(M) > CDr(1) > Eac > Wav > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > CDWave > Wav > Flac(8)
   Patch: DAT(M) > Cass(1) > CDr(1) > Eac > Wav > Flac(8)

Patched/Re-tracked/Encoded by AintNoBody
Taped by Hank <dolphinsmile>

The original DAT tape chewed up the last 15 seconds or so but all was not lost as thankfully,  the taper made 1 or 2 copies which were transferred to cassette prior to this happening.
There were some static pops during the later end of 'Kanga-roo' on the DAT so to ensure a smooth, clean merge, the 2nd source was introduced earlier in the last track (after the 1st verse). The result is very pleasing (-_-)
There is a glitch of sorts right at the start which i was unable to fix but other than that, this is a nice solid recording. There has been a cut made after track 09 'Lover, You Should've, & before track 10 'encore' which is pretty much what it is. No music is lost.

Taper's comments:
The hiccup at the start is on the master, Jeff was very anti taping. and i was sitting about 2 feet from him even tho it doesnt seem so from listening to the tape, as the talkhouse had about the worst sound system. so i had to plug in basically without looking at the recorder.

The Stephen Talkhouse in Miami was located about a block from the beach, i used to know the people who ran the place so i was there early and hung out. jeff spent all night sucking on lollipops. afterwards a bunch of people went over there to 'hang out'. it was very cool.
......then some homeless people tried to steal some of our stuff.......



  1. I'm not commenting much but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate this - I just don't want to Spam you. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you ...

  2. could this one be re-uploaded? Thanks