Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jeff Buckley 1995-04-29 Liberty Lunch Austin,TX

April 29 (Saturday), 1995
Austin, Liberty Lunch, Texas, USA

1995 Spring US tour (April 22 - July 2, 1995)

01  Dream Brother 9:14
02 So Real 5:44
03 Last Goodbye 6:28
04 Grace 6:50
05 Eternal Life 5:30
06 Kick Out The Jams 4:04
07 What Will You Say 9:32
08 Lilac Wine (cut) 3:28

Total Running time: 50:50

CMM-034 (Chris Milazzo Master)
Lineage: 03 CSB>D7, location unknown
Transfer: Master DAT(48)Digital Clone(transfer method forgotten)>Sony 59ES>HHB CDR-850 via digital coax>CDR>EAC[secure]>AddaWav(make single wav)>CD Wave (retrack)>flac[Level 8]

First torrented to Dime on July 20, 2006 by Chris Milazzo
Seed #34 from his master DAT collection

April 28 (Friday), 1995 - 104.1 KRBE FM, Houston, Texas, USA
April 28 (Friday), 1995 - Houston, Urban Art Bar, Texas, USA
April 29 (Saturday), 1995 - Austin, Liberty Lunch, Texas, USA

"I only recorded one of these shows - the Houston audience - so that is the only "real" CMM series show here.  The other two were recorded by a friend of mine.  They all are flawed in some way or another so I thought they should be seeded together.  They all have beed barely circulated. The one I taped may even be uncirculated - I don't remember trading it, but I may have.

Houston FM:  I had asked my friend to tape Jeff in Austin (see below) so when he heard Jeff on the radio he popped in a tape.  He recorded it at 32Khz which I think is what causes the crackle on the tape.  There may have been more interview stuff at the beginning.  This was all he got.  I seem to remember seeing another source for this and it may be more complete and less flawed.

Houston AUD:  I taped this.  I drove down to Houston with a friend (Hi Joe if you are out there!) just for this show.  We got there early enough  (2pm?) to meet Jeff ouside the club and get his autograph.  The show was packed (the previous time I had seen Jeff at the Urban Art Bar I was able to sit on the floor), and packed with very chatty people who were there to be seen rather than to see Jeff.  Pretty much one of the worst crowds I had ever been a part of!  The sound too was pretty bad - very heavy on the bass - which comes through on the tape.  To top it off, the tape ran into serious diginoise problems - so bad the tape eventually stopped playing.  I sent it to a friend of mine in California to get fixed but he lost it.  All that remains is the clone I made of the listenible part - which is what is here.

Austin AUD:  I had told my friend that Jeff played loud (which, in retrospect, was incorrect) so he recorded it via the line-in on his D7.  His is incomplete also - but because he got busted taping!  If I remember correctly, he was busted by club security - the guy even took his tape.  My friend stuck around and after the show the security guy gave him his tape back, saying something about Jeff's "people" being such pricks about the taping thing that he wanted him to have his tape back!

Not a very successful job of taping all around, but at least something survives.  I only wish my last time to see Jeff had left better memories - I had even considered driving to Memphis to see one of his Monday club shows in 1996, but eventually decided to catch him on his next real tour...."  - Chris Milazzo